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Medical research studies are conducted in order to provide information on health or disease. The purpose of medical research is to learn how our bodies work, why we get sick, and what we can do to get and stay well. Each study aims to expand our knowledge of a medical condition and tries to answer specific questions. In general, the goal of medical research is to improve our health and the quality of life for the population.

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Usually, the biggest challenge for medical researchers is to recruit participants on a larger scale using reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure. Another challenge is to allow getting feedback to participants to keep them more engaged in medical research.


Nowadays we have technology in our pocket. By using appropriate mobile frameworks and tools, medical researchers are able to enroll participants around the world and gather meaningful data a lot easier. Giving the opportunity to conduct a medical study by using a mobile app means more participants and more data. In addition to this, having phone almost always near allows to collect data more frequent with more regularity and discover correlations that were simply not possible before.

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A medical university with the help of Codete develops a healthtech solution to create a clearer picture of heart diseases. Our team focuses on the development of mobile application for iOS platform. The application is based on ResearchKit framework, open-source software from Apple that let medical researchers enroll participants and gather meaningful data. The app helps researchers better understand heart diseases by filling out surveys, monitoring physical activities as well as collecting motion and health data like daily steps number, active minutes, sleep analysis or participant’s genetic data. It also brings participants the opportunity to gain greater insight into the factors that can cause heart diseases, so everyone has a profit.

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