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The client needed a development team due to a lack of resources of its own. The customer had a brief description of their needs: “A ladder with their Back to School campaign to increase awareness and create a positive XFINITY brand experience for new and existing customers.”. We needed to provide them with a mobile application version, integrating with external API of the final client, responsible for storing user data.

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A dedicated team was created to meet the client’s expectations. The project including all objectives had to be accomplished by a specified deadline. We were responsible for programming, testing and implementation of the application. The project was completed against a tight time schedule, therefore there was no point in introducing sprints. Project management and helping to define priorities were are key areas of focus. Ad hoc availability was at 100% in this dynamic and changing project. Effective communication with numerous departments responsible for the final effect was paramount.
The project seemed to be rather conventional, although we had only a limited time scheduled to accomplish the client’s goals. We started work on July 13th and the due date was set for the 3rd of September and thanks to our hard working, expert Codete team we were able to deliver a successful valuable end product.

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