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The client lacked development resources to finish his projects and meet market needs. This is an ongoing project in which we have taken over maintenance and added new features. The technical solution was in using the Fyber SDK application, the editor need not bother writing appropriate code to integrate various advertisers, neither implement his own highest-profit advertisement selection mechanism - through adding library, adaptors and set configuration in the dashboard, all works as it should. The product is for application and games developers, who want to place themselves in a commercial/advertisement module by integration of a few providers fast and simply.

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A dedicated team was formed for mobile development complete with a team leader. The project has constantly been developing, we have taken part in its maintenance and the development of new features. Legacy code remains and the product was not developed from scratch. Our Codete team was fully autonomous, no one from the client’s side was involved in the technical part of our tasks. The team was responsible for a variety of areas surrounding the project including; development, team management, writing & preparing documentation for users, creating new integrations with advertisers, maintenance of existing integrations (updating, fixing etc.)


Our SSP, Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation products empower the world’s best app developers and publishers to gain key revenue streams, boasting 500M monthly users, globally. The client was lacking development resources to build his projects and meet market needs. Fyber enables numerous advertisement networks to integrate through SDK as well as managing them all in one place. Integration with other platforms is made possible, which makes Fyber truly scalable. Inapp monetization platform, RTB marketing are known platforms used by media houses 350M active users a month benefit from the platform which enables optimization, publication and management of application resources of the best distributors such as EA Games, Ubisoft etc.

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A dedicated team was formed to develop the client’s project, whose responsibilities were widened, eventually becoming a main part of their IT department. The Codete team was responsible for a broad range of development work for the customer including coordinating ad hoc a dozen or so concurrent projects and comprehensive tasks. To a large extent our tasks came down to providing optimum required performance of the application. Working with big data and tens of queuing servers. The range of our responsibilities has been increasing and the team has scaled up since the beginning of our cooperation. Due to efficient communication and meeting task deadlines, we are now responsible for a significant & essential part of the technological process at Fyber. Our Codete 4 man team is a dedicated part of a project team that works in a very dynamic and challenging environment, adapting to the organizational culture and structure of the client’s framework.

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