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Raisin is a leader of pan-European money savings banking products. A versatile tool for finding investment opportunities, regardless of place of residence within Europe. Raisin allows free flow of its users' money for the best returns from deposits.


Codete created a dedicated IT team in order to deal with a substantial challenge - writing the core Raisin product - the deposit-location system. Our backend engineers with FinTech background devised tailored solutions, based on Abacus - a technology widely used by global leaders in digital banking. Delivering impenetrable, top class data security provisions was of critical priority, as Raisin, in order to pursue credibility - essential for the desired growth speed - acquired a banking license in Germany, which policies necessitated strict security measures in place.

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Codete assembled a small IT taskforce, comprising of 3 senior developers with Java expertise. Using Java and adjusting globally employed professional digital banking system Abacus, our developers built the core components of the Raisin's main tool, which allowed deposit placement optimization, allowing making the best of investment opportunities across European banks and their financial products. Final platform is no more complex, UI-wise, than a standard mobile banking app, and yet allows managing several deposit accounts opened in diverse banks, across whole Europe, selected for their estimated interest rates.

Insights provided by Codete needed to integrate several partner banks of the FinTech start-up. Currently, there are 61 of them, and the total worth of all the assets that are managed from the Raisin accounts exceeds the amount of EUR 10 billion.


For Raisin we put up a dedicated IT development team, comprising of senior-level Java engineers with prior FinTech experience. Codete supported the development of Raisin's core functionality: a platform for browsing through and comparing hundreds of financial products offered by European banks as to the interest rate and depositing money. During a swift onboarding process, our developers fully accommodated to the Abacus-based legacy architecture. Based on Abacus - a system widely employed in digital banking - full, state-of-the-art tech stack was essential to the brand's FinTech pitch - an innovative investment tool, that allows anyone, managing either small, personal savings or enormous masses of capital, to invest anywhere in Europe, with no risk, or risk as constrained as possible.

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The bedrock of Raisin is an effective search and rate comparison engine. Queries are refined with a series of detailed criteria, the most important being term of the deposit and preferred investment amount range, both result in a clear overview of what's currently the most promising banking product with highest returns.

Raisin allows applying for a selected product using the platform itself. In order to build a secure infrastructure for a super tool for financial transactions across the whole Europe, our developers needed to meet strict data privacy and encryption conditions, largely imposed by German regulations of the banking sector, on the basis of which Raisin operates, legally as a bank, but actually is a pan-European meta-bank, an alternative for traditional, borders-bound banking, aiming at savings deposit market disruption by bolstering competition between banks across Europe in the area of their savings products.

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