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SatoshiPoint is an operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom’s largest network of BTMs. In cooperation with Codete the company aimed to create the first BTM network with its own bitcoin wallet from the ground up.


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The purpose of the project was to create an application for SatoshiPoint's BTM network with integrated machine location search. Application also supports all classical wallet functionalities with all blockchain based transactions in order to improve user experience and maximize customers’ revenue.

Dedicated team / Audit & Consulting

The most crucial challenge identified by a customer was to ensure the highest possible level of security and anonymity for the user inside the system. Keeping these requirements in mind Codete team provides development, consulting, security reviews and helps with getting the app into stores. We also take care of the project management what allows us to align with customer’s demands while working as a standalone technology partner. We were also involved in the conceptual phase of development in order to tailor the right solution.

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It was very important to keep the transaction handling component completely separate. In the same time data sent to server shouldn't allow for any fingerprinting. Following the customer’s expectations we utilized the existing solution with new modules developed. We also covered the whole creation of server endpoint along with technical and security advisory. The whole technology process required deep understanding of cryptocurrency related mechanisms and hard skills in terms of payment systems implementation.

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