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B4 Investigate is a Scandinavian company rooted in Oslo, Norway, specializing in financial fraud detection.

The company helps its clients resolve financial damage that is about preventing financial frauds, lack of proper procedures for sales and procurement and in the worst situation dealing with financial crime. As a fintech business, B4 Investigate places emphasis primarily on the IT awareness increase, using their proprietary technology and methodology, and conducting training focused on financial damage and frauds detection.

Challenge:High-quality support for building web platforms

After successfully delivering financial fraud detection support to their customers thanks to a desktop application, B4 Investigate decided to take one more step forward and to expand its offer with a unique, highly-specialized online platform (SaaS – System as a Service). This tool will help the companies’ owners find traces of crime in the activities within their organizations. It will also be available directly in the internet browser.

To build the online solution that will help detect frauds, B4 Investigate asked Codete for support in the whole process of creation. Our experts were asked to assemble a scalable tool based on modern technologies, so that the original version of the B4 Investigate software could be transferred to the cloud. After our idea of the solution was accepted, we invited the client to take part in a workshop dedicated to:

  • getting to know B4 Investigate business better,
  • describing product backlog,
  • pointing out the optimal solutions.

Cooperation with Codete let B4 Investigate enter a new market and grow steadily, combining it with the development of the modern version of their project.


Custom platform development – improving the security level

To put these plans into effect, B4 Investigate was looking for a trusted partner in the third quarter of 2021. After analyzing Codete’s proposal and taking part in the series of workshops, the company decided to start the official collaboration that resulted in planning the creation of a B4 PreCrime Cloud platform. This tool is dedicated to the integration of the currently existing desktop product with actual analytics applications via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connectors and data transfer using different file formats.

Resultantly, we have agreed on supporting B4 Investigate in creating a B4 PreCrime Cloud platform from the technical side, so that it can be accessed by the subscribers for detecting potential financial damage. Designed from the original version of the desktop application, B4 PreCrime Cloud consists of an analytics application developed in the software Arbutus Analyzer with templates in Excel and Word format. All data is stored on-premises and B4 Investigate keeps track of key information about subscribers.

The future plans of Codete and B4 Investigate cooperation are divided into two phases:

  • phase 1 is planned for 4 to 6 months and it involves supporting MVP development,
  • scope of phase 2 will be discussed soon.

Solution:Workshop focused on creating online version of myB4 platform

B4 Investigate was looking for an experienced and skilled team of IT professionals who are ready to focus on several different online platform-building aspects. As a result, we offered them a solution that will let the users check three radars to gain an answer to the crucial question: “Does my business activity show any signs of financial damage?”. 

Our role was to prepare and conduct several days of workshops that let us suggest the optimal technological stack and a scalable infrastructure together with timed calculations. That combination was crucial for figuring out the range of works developed during the workshop. As a result, in response to the B4 Investigate request, Codete set up a team of experts including two engineers, one tester and a project manager, responsible for delivering the described solution. A team that has expanded with an additional engineer.  The whole process took place in constant cooperation with the client.

The first version of the application (MVP) is already created by our developers using the Heroku platform, and all the basic functionalities are built and implemented. Currently, we’re working on myB4 development, already planning the following steps and fine-tuning our specialists’ team to meet our clients’ expectations.

All the processes are ongoing.


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