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Our client is a leading cloud-based video and image management solutions provider – now with a new office in Krakow.

The company was looking to set up an R&D team in Poland. The goal was to establish an independent team to work from Krakow in daily cooperation with the Israeli HQ – and that’s where Codete came in. We have partnered with the client in the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and completed the process over three years. Together, we successfully built a 27-person team.

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Challenge:Building a rockstar development team in Krakow, Poland

The new Krakow-based team was supposed to contribute to the development of the company’s application. First, our task was to find top talents to fill the roles of senior software engineers and team leaders (one of whom was promoted to the position of R&D director as the team grew).

Codete's team played a critical part in a wide range of recruitment tasks: from finding and hiring suitable candidates to onboarding them into the team and project. The candidates provided by Codete were to successfully complete eight stages of recruitment, including tech evaluations, cultural fit assessments, and extensive background checks.


Going the extra mile

To attract the most skilled software development experts available, the Codete team had to devise a number of strategies to capture the attention of the local IT community. As a result, we have launched several online marketing campaigns and organized a couple of tech meetups with our client’s representatives as part of our Techies Space initiative.

Our ads appeared on some of the trending social media channels and YouTube broadcasts for the tech crowd.

The events we organized with our client were held both online and offline at our signature meetup location in Krakow, namely our resto-bar Techies. We informed the participants about the most significant challenges in our client’s project, presented the company’s mission and vision, and shared some knowledge-sharing strategies used when onboarding new joiners.


Flexibility in the “Build” phase

The “Build” stage occurred during the global pandemic crisis. The dynamically changing circumstances required a lot of flexibility on our part, but we fully secured the process.

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Solution:All-inclusive services in the “Operate” phase

During the "Operate" phase, we were in charge of recruitment, operations, office management, and hardware management.

Recruitment and promotion

In the area of recruitment, we coordinated all efforts connected with finding the perfect team, and as the team grew, we assisted the client in recruiting a dedicated talent acquisition person in Poland. We actively promoted the job opportunities, project, and client company culture within Codete (as we allowed transfers from other projects), among the local tech community, and online. This required solid skills in recruitment, employer branding, and marketing.

Daily operations

Codete provided the client with all-encompassing assistance in human resources, payroll, accounting, and legal operations for the team. The team leaders supported its day-to-day activities and progress tracking.

Office support

Our daily assistance to the Krakow-based team included office management and maintenance, including covering the office rental costs. We always made sure to respond quickly to our partner’s requirements and suggestions.

Our support also covered hardware management and maintenance, from amortization and leasing to license management and ensuring that everyone on the team has high-quality workstation equipment.

After a pre-defined time, the entire team and assets were transferred to the client’s new location.

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