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Home24 serves thousands of customers in seven European countries.

It’s the leading online store for furniture and home decoration accessories. We helped the e-commerce giant to optimize their technology stack and provided support in the backend, frontend, and mobile areas.

"We’re pleased with choosing Codete as our technological partner in constantly developing the Home24 platform. It is a complex environment and we've already had the chance to cooperate with developers across different technologies and disciplines." 
– Florian Leinfelder, CTO, Home24 SE

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Challenge:Comprehensive solution for e-commerce

Home24 is one of the largest e-commerce ventures in Europe and requires high flexibility, accessibility, and innovation in its tech stack and software architecture. We provided the company with three dedicated teams: backend, frontend, and mobile. Their complementary competencies ensure a broad spectrum of support. Our developers were and, in some cases, still are responsible for the key elements in our client’s technological process. We helped Home24 develop a backend automated testing platform and continue to assist the company in its frontend and mobile technology processes.

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Solution:Full-stack development support

Backend development: Improving software testing

The client needed to create a backend platform for test automation that would enable, facilitate and speed up their automated testing. The company’s e-commerce platform features a vast number of articles, payments processing pages, product types, and numerous layouts – all of which made testing very challenging. 

We provided Home24 with a dedicated team of software developers who performed the initial research and suggested a tool for automatic acceptance tests – Codeception. The team then proceeded with the development of a custom backend testing system for running automated tests. We discovered and solved a problem that emerged in script development and parallel test performance, all the while keeping resource access under control. The new platform empowers developers to deliver new tests quickly and has greatly increased code coverage.


Frontend development: Feature-driven development

A team composed of two skilled frontend developers is responsible for creating Home24’s frontend components using the latest technologies. So far, the team has been involved in building a platform that delivers React components. The service is developed in Node.js, based on the Serverless framework. Our engineers have participated in a two-week-long onboarding process at the client’s headquarters in Berlin, as we offer the opportunity to work onsite with the client. In the future, we plan to expand the Home24 dedicated development team and scale it to meet all of our client’s needs.


Mobile development: Introducing emerging technologies

Our team of mobile developers was initially involved in completing the rewrite of Home24’s mobile application to Swift. Following its publication, we were responsible for support, building new functionalities, and eliminating legacy code. We cleared the majority of dependencies and covered most of the code with unit tests. We successfully automated most of the processes using Fastlane, and integrated them with the App Center, building Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. The Codete dedicated mobile team now aims to modularize our partner’s mobile applications and create a coherent system of components for building new functionalities – for example, for displaying furniture models with augmented reality (AR).


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