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Kia Motors


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Kia Motors is a leading Korean automobile manufacturer and uncompromising leader in the industry.

The company conquers European and American markets with precision, reliability, and technology.


The optimal tech stack for digital success

Kia Motors turned to us for assistance in selecting an optimal technology stack for their project, considering the functionalities they planned to implement in their final product – a web and mobile augmented reality application. For each of the innovative functionalities our partner had in mind for their application, we had to choose the right technology solution, which often required thinking outside the box.

After thorough research, our dedicated development team comprising web and mobile engineers moved on to building the app designed for Kia Motors’ authorized dealers.

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Challenge:Bringing new perspectives to the brand’s audience

The goal of the product was to woo Kia Motors customers with the brand’s vehicles by displaying their possibilities in an outstanding, innovative way. Our task was to create a multi-screen augmented reality application for authorized Kia Motors dealers to provide them with world-class tools for sales presentations.


Dedicated augmented reality (AR) development team

To advise Kia Motors on the suitable tech stack for the desired product and then deliver it, we formed a dedicated team of experienced web and mobile experts. They first established how each functionality could be executed technically, and based on that – they created a complete technology stack for the innovative AR application.

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Solution:Making an impact on the automotive market with AR

Our nearshore development team comprised web and mobile software developers, QA testers, UX/UI specialists, and graphic designers. Their complementary competencies enabled us to deliver a cutting-edge augmented reality application with eye-catching graphics and an excellent interface – all to delight potential Kia Motors car owners. The brand’s authorized dealers can now enrich their presentations with astonishing photo galleries, 3D models, movies, and in-depth information available to them at hand.


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