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kollex was created to simplify contact between clients and representatives of the restaurant industry

kollex connects owners of coffee bars, restaurants, and clubs with merchant wholesalers who sell various beverages, food, and non-food products. It allows the restaurant owners to be regularly provided with all the goods that are required by this branch of the industry, only with the use of the Internet. 

The created applications and platform let the restaurants, the suppliers, and wholesalers cooperate with only a few clicks, which saves time and money but also provides the restaurants’ guests with the highest quality products.

Watch the client testimonial from Marco Roßdeutscher, CTO at kollex, to learn more about our technology partnership.


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Challenge:Creating a complex, well-integrated platform

Starting the cooperation with kollex, Codete was challenged to create a complex platform with at least one mobile and two web applications that would let the users easily engage on the kollex platform. It was also expected from our developers to set up back-end services for different web and mobile applications and to provide a common API for all of them.

“Our challenge was combining two existing applications into one application. We want to provide an easy-ordering process for our customers and merchants, and therefore, it requires to have a convenient solution that requires one application. That was the biggest challenge – to come from a two-applications approach into one app. It means refactoring and rebuilding while scaling up the team.” – Marco Roßdeutscher, CTO at kollex

From the developers’ perspective, the main challenge was to keep the microservices APIs synchronized with each other in every configuration (offline mode, etc.).


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Solution:Taking the restaurant industry to the next level of development

With kollex online platform and additional applications, restaurant owners can easily order all the necessary goods and replenish supplies of food, beverages, and non-food commodities with only a few simple steps. All they have to do is to sign up on the platform, create an account and start cooperation with the chosen suppliers. 

This solution has plenty of other assets, among which can be mentioned, as follows: wholesalers’ processes digitization, direct communication between clients and suppliers, lower probability of mistakes thanks to the digitized process in the ERP systems, and many others. kollex platform allows its users to take an instant look at the clients’ database and to make orders in real-time, whenever they need it. However, these are still not the only features created with the Codete team.

“The short-term challenge was scaling up the team while building a new platform and maintaining the existing one. And in the long run, and with Codete as a partner, we want to be able to react quickly to changes like on-demand projects, off-boardings, illnesses, vacations… Codete as a partner, enables us to fill the gaps in the projects.” – Marco Roßdeutscher, CTO at kollex

Using the kollex platform, the orders can be made via PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones in both, online and offline modes. The possibility to create customized shopping lists and share them with other employees makes delivery planning easier than ever before. Thanks to the kollex platform and applications, users can also constantly follow the latest trends in the industry, designing and posting ads, banners, and product photos that will help advertise their business.


Expanding the base

The current version of the kollex platform was created with the Codete team from scratch but at the same time on the basis of a previous version of the solution, which is already in production. 

As the project is still ongoing, its finalization and first results are predicted to be announced a few months from now. The easy, constant communication between all the team members and the client let our developers successfully implement several technologies, like microservices on the backend, consistent cross-platform operation, etc. They work in a stable and consistent way, so the whole extended platform and applications will fulfill the entrusted tasks.


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