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Spotcap is currently a rapidly scaling-up, innovation-driven future leader in global SME financing.

With a dedicated digital environment, offering an unmatched user experience for the business community in financing-seeking, Spotcap is on its way to provide the ultimate solution for SME managers looking for financing opportunities.


Partnership that drives strong business growth

The scope of our collaboration with Spotcap was mainly the core backend. Codete, therefore, supported the development of the main features of the platform, critical for the client's market success. Spotcap aims at transcending straightforward search engine roles, operating as a direct lender for SMEs looking for financing opportunities. By developing its creditworthiness assessment system, and an innovation-based digital lending platform that delivers top user experience, Spotcap shoots for no less than a global leadership.

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Challenge:Feature-driven development

Spotcap is a comprehensive solution for SME financing. In its strong usability focus, it aims at delivering the digital finances experience never seen before. The main source of its UX mechanics is the straightforward and clear financing submission process that can be completed in as little as several minutes. The ultimate fintech UX necessitated an impeccable performance, without lags even under high traffic loads. On top of the list of essential development goals was data security.

Our dedicated engineers, immersed in the client's department, were involved in the core development process, substantially supporting key goals' attainment on a tight schedule – an aspect critical for Spotcap's expeditious growth. All the solutions were devised, modeled, and delivered in the functional Scala, as was the Client's clear wish from the very beginning. By bringing out most of the pre-set boundary conditions, Codete's engineers came up with particular, effective solutions for the UX/UI and performance issues of the Spotcap platform.


Hand-picked talents that match the client’s needs

We deployed an extremely flexible team of senior developers, with a strong former fintech background. Our developers' integration into the client's IT department involved Spotcap team's preferred toolkit – functional programming, only in Scala. Our developers understood this choice's rationale, thus becoming fully dedicated and deeply embedded in the development process.

To deliver what was necessary for that precise project, our dedicated specialists needed to show extreme flexibility in their work. For this reason, our experts were in large part operating from the client's physical HQ – this special project development phase lasted, in this case, several months.

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Solution:Golden ratio of skills, experience & domain knowledge

Codete's dedicated engineering team delivered critical technology that enabled our client to secure the business growth they desired. Background fintech expertise our engineers had, allowed them to understand exactly how vertical-relevant and competitive solutions and features need to be like.

  • Critical business financing info in an instant – high, Scala-based automation level and sound workflow allows to cut down the business loan decision wait time to a single working day. This level of digital product's flexibility was the minimum necessitated by the competitive fintech verticals technological standard.
  • Real-time SME performance assessment system. An internal, client's own, reliable, intricate credit scoring system as a value for financing-seekers and the investors. The system co-developed by Codete taps into thousands of data points to assess the businesses' credibility for the strategic investor, supporting swift, information-driven decision making.
  • Financing as simple as possible. Digital financing is experienced as pleasant, smooth, and easy. Codete delivered technologies that yielded experience unique for the fintech vertical. A deliberated, segmented flow (few concise checklists, guided applying process, etc.) allows business community members from any vertical – digital or brick and mortar – to experience financing as an essentially easy process, abundant in opportunities.

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