Software Audit & IT Consulting Services

Codete provides in-depth IT audit & consulting services. By scrutinizing Client's software development process bit by bit, Codete experts deliver a complete package of tailored, detailed solutions for the next-level software performance. Codete IT consulting specialists interview individual employees, as well as analyze the workflow of entire teams. We conduct a detailed code review session with our own innovative software audit tools. By staying up to date with groundbreaking tech innovations, Codete always uses all the technologies and tools accessible to deliver game-changing consulting for risk and cost reduction and overall business competitiveness boost.

Client facing substantial software development process refurbishment consulted us about the necessary steps. The audit and consulting included particular areas of technology stack and solutions, and the necessary context was taken into consideration - the long-term business goals. Codete immediately responded with an expert taskforce set-up to go through various Client's SDLC aspects. The team's Project Manager used employee interviews to get the picture of an actual decision-making process on management and development levels. Then the Team moved on to a full code review, discussing the details with technical leads. As a result, Codete helped achieve major productivity improvements in the project and team scalability, data security & privacy, project management, and beyond.


How it works

Performance Boost

Codete IT audit & consulting services determine performance bottlenecks and opportunities in Client's tech stack-related processes and delivers precise solutions designed to tackle each of the identified issues.

Development optimization

Codete IT consulting radically optimizes the existing software development process, leading to the increased productivity of the whole Client's technology department.

Full documentation

Codete's audit results are communicated in a form of a detailed final report, comprising extensive technical documentation, a record of any and all optimizations implemented, and a set of further recommendations

Success story

Broker Genius

Broker Genius is an innovative technology company operating in the field of ticket resale. We helped revamp their software development process to boost their efficiency in building the product and achieving critical business goals.

Broker Genius was rapidly developing their product when they reached out to us for help. The company has been working on it for over 3 years, releasing several successful versions to market. They were looking for a technology partner to carry out a comprehensive audit and in-depth analysis of their development processes, technology stack, and solutions. Broker Genius hoped that the audit would provide them with insights that would, in turn, enable process improvements and get them closer to achieving key business goals.


Using our internal know-how and experience, we carried out a series of interviews with employees, detailed code review sessions, and the overall analysis of team performance. Our task was to modify the existing development procedures to boost their efficiency.
We created a team of experts who focused on the software development life cycle from both project management and software development perspective. We assigned a Project Manager to carry out employee interviews, gathering critical information for further analysis at the development and management levels, and analyzing the existing decision-making processes. We covered the technical aspect of the audit with a detailed code review carried out by one of our lead-level developers who specializes in innovative technologies. We also organized discussions with technical leads on the Broker Genius side.