Backend Development Services

Codete offers business software backend development services, driven by crucial business expertise and an advanced full-stack development skill set. Dedicated backend and front-end teams build innovative digital business platforms based on careful analysis of the business goals and market environment reality, the main goal being technological and business outperformance of the Client's competitors. Our backend development experts build proficient, powerful and robust business software, tailored to your, previously clearly defined business context, hence targeting precise business challenges. Solid backend development from Codete provides game-changing technologies, equipping you with virtually unique business expansion opportunities. Codete experts employ a wide range of battle-proven technologies, striking the perfectly balanced performance-to-cost ratio – from PHP-based applications, through effective Python, Ruby or Scala-based data-related solutions of complexity ranging from moderate to extreme, to the vast, enterprise-oriented Java-based platforms. The final product is always fully scalable, with its sound app logic and nonstop full functionality, handling any dynamic traffic volume changes due to its cost-effective cloud hosting.

We can help you in
Business expertise
No need to hire external business experts. In every business software development team, a dedicated consultant with domain-relevant business expertise provides essential insight and coordinates the development process business-wise. Fields we have covered and from which we accumulated a critical experience include FinTech, HealthTech, automotive and hospitality industries.
IT Engineering Experts
Codete teams comprise of Lead and Senior developers with years-long, substantial experience and proven expertise in their respective technologies, as well as of top talents bringing a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective.
Quality assurance & testing
Codete yields no product delivery until all potentially loose ends are tied up. Automated software testing experts make sure that the final application exhibits uncompromising stability and is ultimately resistant for data-privacy breaches.