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Backend Development services

At Codete, we understand the ambitions of our clients to step up their digital game and make the best out of modern technologies to grow their businesses and create products and services their customers will love. We also understand the challenges they face on the way. With our previous experience that stretches for more than a decade and our gathered expertise in strengthening the market positions of our partners by means of technology, we know how to make digital products more competitive by leveraging resources and minimizing maintenance costs. We know how to build failproof, easy-to-scale applications with robust architecture and excellent performance.

We’re a versatile software company, ready to advise you on the best tech stack for your digital product, and to develop it. We don’t limit ourselves to only a couple of technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. With over 150 engineers on board, half of which are senior-level specialists (or higher), we have the people and the know-how to build the software you envision. Our backend developers work with both seasoned and trending technologies: from PHP, Java, or Python, to Scala, Swift, and Kotlin. And more!

Our end-to-end software development process can be applied to organizations of all sizes, from all industries — for internal purposes, as well as for the market and customers. We have delivered plenty of advanced and innovative software solutions for different business verticals, and we’ve equipped many of them with a strong spine of high-quality backend code. Each of our projects is tailored to the wishes and expectations of our client, and we can guarantee to provide you with a bespoke software service package — and a team of top-notch specialists assigned to it. Having solid experience in successful remote collaboration, we’re ready to transform your ideas into reality and help you achieve your business objectives regardless of your location.

The process of building new software may seem complicated, both time- and energy-consuming, but don’t worry — our project management team will take care of everything for you. We’ll deal with any unexpected changes and additional risks regarding the deployment process, always having your requirements and your success in mind. We follow the best agile practices in software development: we start with a Minimum Viable Product, then move step-by-step iteratively towards your vision product. At the end of the day, our project managers deliver the final product within the defined statement of work, deadline, and budget.

Our Backend Developers can help you in:

Choosing the right tech stack

Codete’s backend developers have all the knowledge and experience it takes to help you in selecting the appropriate technological stack for your backend architecture. They’ll prepare a dataflow design, a prototype, and all the other necessary backend components — then take part in testing, deploying, and maintaining the product that your company will receive. Our engineers can support your application with modern cloud technologies, and tools for security verification and communication between databases, servers, and applications. All in an intuitive management environment.

Designing backend architecture

We believe that today, in the reality of digital transformation, a well-balanced combination of skilled specialists and the finest technologies is required of any forward-thinking company to grow and gain competitive advantage. To boost your business, you need an advanced system architecture behind your digital product. One that enables high efficiency and provides dynamic applications that work on request. Based on their extensive experience, Codete’s experts will eagerly support you in planning your project in detail and help you select the most suitable components for your tech architecture.

Quality assurance and testing

Software development is not only about producing new software, but also making it flawless. That’s why our engineers always perform a set of manual and automated tests to ensure the final product meets all the performance, scalability, and stability requirements. Additionally, following up-to-date sensitive data protocols allows us to verify whether it is well-protected and confirm that any possible gaps and bugs on the backend have been properly removed, and your software works exactly the way it should.

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Case Study


With a dedicated digital environment, offering an unmatched user experience for the business community in financing-seeking, Spotcap is on its way to provide the ultimate solution for SME managers looking for financing opportunities. The company aims at transcending the role of a straightforward search engine, operating as a direct lender.


Delivering the core backend was the main element of the scope of our collaboration with Spotcap. We have supported the development of the main features of our client’s platform, critical for its market success. By developing its own creditworthiness assessment system and an innovation-based digital lending platform that delivers top user experience, Spotcap aims at no less than a global leadership.

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