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Big Data and Data Science services

Data is the new gold. It can give you a priceless insight into the minds of your customers, and it has the power to transform your business from the inside, too. But to unleash its full potential, you have to know how to collect it, store it, segment it, and utilize it — and that’s exactly what our big data experts and data scientists can do for you. Whether you want to squeeze out maximum information from your audience’s behavior to better respond to their needs or boost the performance of your digital products of any kind, Codete will be the right partner for you. Using different open source data science libraries and machine learning approaches, we are able to discover hidden patterns in your data and help you become a data-driven organization.

During our decade on the market, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes and from many business verticals. We have experience in working on big data and data science solutions for e-commerce platforms, marketing and advertising agencies, companies from the automotive industry, and fintech startups — among others.

Each company is different, but all of them are surrounded by massive amounts of data. We know that big data tools and solutions bring the best results when they are tailored to the individual needs of an organization. Before implementing any big data solutions, we take our time to thoroughly analyze and understand our client’s business model. Only by looking at things from both ours and our client’s perspective, we can see the project from a 360 view and design the right solutions to fulfill the desired business goals.

One of the biggest benefits of having Codete as your data science advisor is that we can help you to optimize your business model and become a leader in digital transformation. With our battle-proven solutions for data utility identification and pipeline design and analysis, our data scientists can investigate your core data and can build tools that meet your expectations. Our teams take care of designing and implementing data monitoring tools and databases, as well as of solving challenges associated with data storage, indexing, linking, and querying large datasets if needed.

Our Big Data and Data Science experts can help you in:

Data utility identification

Without a good understanding of the data sources, the information itself, and reasons why it is important for the company’s business operations, no data analytics tool can be 100% successful. With the problem clearly defined and a suitable approach selected, we can clean the data — find duplicate records, clear away incorrect values, and fix missing values and outliers.

Data pipeline design

Codete’s data pipeline design services are focused on designing cost-efficient and user-friendly tools for extracting meaningful information from the gathered data. Our data consultants pinpoint big data opportunities for our clients, then perform several analytical tasks on three basic levels: prescriptive, predictive, and operational. As a result, our clients are provided with a suitable toolset, as well as recommendations for optimization or prevention, insights on potential operational risks and outages, and dashboards for real-time monitoring of their data.

Data analysis and consulting

We believe that competitive advantage exists at the intersection of business, data, technology, and people. We closely cooperate with our partners and connect with them on a daily basis to stay woven into their data processes and unlock their full potential. Our talented teams of data scientists, machine learning experts, software engineers, and IT consultants have the know-how it takes to craft and implement top-quality analytic solutions tailored for your business to make it thrive in the digital era. We can take you through the whole journey to become a real data-driven company.

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Case Study


Our client was lacking the right technical resources to carry on with their project and reached out for Codete’s technological consulting. We have provided them with comprehensive advice on their technology stack and their project architecture, then followed with developing their product.


Codete’s services included backend and front-end development based on the client’s documentation and graphic designs. The app’s main functionalities were choosing and ordering fuel and lubricants, and having them shipped to a particular address. Even though working with a tight deadline, we’ve successfully enabled Total to give their customers a new and improved channel for purchasing their products.

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