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Blockchain Software Development services

If you’re searching for a trusted business partner in blockchain technology — one that would help you understand all its aspects and keep your systems up to date, an IT consulting and software development company like Codete could be just the right choice for this comprehensive task. We have all the resources to help your company in designing reliable, scalable, cost-effective solutions, and update them regularly. We're a software house with more than a decade of experience in developing blockchain-based applications and a profound understanding of the technology.

We have cooperated with both game-changing fintech startups as well as already established enterprises. Our portfolio encompasses products ranging from smart applications to large crypto-exchange platforms. Codete’s dedicated software development teams understand, manage, and carry out software development processes from start to finish — all with the client’s business objectives in mind.

At Codete, we have the expertise and experience to offer bespoke consulting and development packages that meet their specific needs. Our consultants typically start their blockchain-related projects with understanding our partner’s business goals and their software development challenges. At the end of the consulting stage, we present our client with an outline of the development process with details on how it may look like, how long it may last, and when each milestone may be achieved. During the implementation stage and the software development process itself, we keep our partner informed daily on the progress. And once the application is deployed, our technical support team takes over its maintenance.

We’re aware that the aim of most businesses is to stay ahead of their competitors. That’s why we’re always in the loop of the high-tech world, keeping our team well-prepared to deliver world-class, top-quality, 100% secure services for our partners. Whether we develop SaaS, PaaS, or mobile applications for our clients, we make sure each line of code can bring real value to their company as the final product enters the market.

Our Blockchain Software Developers can help you with:

Custom blockchain solutions

Codete’s experts are ready to provide custom blockchain solutions for any and all industries. With several teams with blockchain specialists on board, we can offer you not only practical advice but also a comprehensive range of modern services. Our software development teams can assist you in decentralizing, scaling, and streamlining your business processes for competitive advantage.

Full data security

We know that security is key in any business, especially online, and it’s critical in digital financial products such as crypto wallets. Even a small mistake can cost a company — and its customers — a lot of money and time. That’s why we maintain the best security practices while designing and developing our blockchain software (or any kind of software, for that matter) and offer blockchain-based security consulting, taking into account both internal and external security risks, to keep your business and its customers safe from harm.

Blockchain software development life cycle

At Codete, we have hands-on experience in integrating blockchain technology into our clients’ business processes as well as in building innovative solutions from scratch. Using agile project management methodologies and delivering small pieces of the product in agreed-upon timeframes, we are able to develop blockchain-based solutions that meet both the requirements and the final deadline.

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Case Study


SatoshiPoint is an operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom’s largest network of BTMs. In cooperation with Codete, the company aimed to create the first BTM network with its own bitcoin wallet from the ground up.


The purpose of the project was to create an application for SatoshiPoint's BTM network with an integrated machine location search engine. The application also supports all the typical wallet functionalities with the transactions based on blockchain in order to improve user experience and maximize the customers’ revenue.

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