Blockchain Development Services

With increasing popularity of blockchain technology, the challenge with securing systems is growing rapidly. Even though there are a lot of different well protected solutions and tools, companies have to follow new technological trends to upgrade their systems continuously to keep everything up to date. Looking for a good business partner that would have blockchain explained from all sides and keep your systems up to date, a consulting company could be a good choice for this comprehensive task.

Codete is a solid business partner able to help your company in designing reliable, scalable and cost effective tools which can be updated regularly by our development teams. Customized blockchain solutions that fit your requirements; secured crypto transactions and crypto wallets which can be used by your company or your customers as well as customized crypto exchange platforms are some examples of products which our experts can help you with.

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Blockchain applications and software development company
Codete’s experts are ready to provide custom blockchain solutions for any and all industries. Our development teams not only can give you valuable advice but also will help you decentralize, scale and streamline your business with blockchain technologies. Even though the technology itself was discovered in 2008, blockchain is a new solution which is evolving rapidly. With several development teams of blockchain experts on board, we can provide a comprehensive range of modern services which can be delivered wherever your company is located across the globe.

With years of experience in developing enterprise applications we are a software house with a profound understanding of blockchain, IoT, AI and machine learning technologies. Our expertise guarantees solutions designed for millions of users and market entry.

Cooperating with both fintech startups and enterprises our portfolio of products ranges from smart apps through blockchain consulting to crypto exchange platforms. Working together with companies such as SatoshiPoint – the ATM Bitcoin operator from the United Kingdom – we have had an opportunity to take part in the process of creating the first BTM network in the UK. That time, Codete was in charge of creating an application for SatoshiPoint BTM with an integrated machine location search engine. The mobile app had also to support classical wallet features with all blockchain transactions in order to improve customer experience and maximize customers’ revenue.

As the leaders in blockchain software development, our services have brought many customers worldwide into blockchain networks across many industries. At Codete we believe that the process of blockchain development requires very deep expertise in all common elements of modern web service development starting from cloud services like Azure, AWS or GCP, clustering technologies like Kubernetes, databases, containerization and closing the loop on programming languages. Without any of those elements, the security loop of the blockchain solutions could not be closed fully creating system bugs which can generate a hacker attack. Fortunately, at Codete we have several years of experience in each of these elements including blockchain technology and delivering high grade applications and integrating them into a protected blockchain system which our customers consider convenient.

Many companies struggle to decide whether creating a proof of concept, minimum value product, prototype or a combination is the right way to manage a software development project. With Codete, your company do not have to worry about this. Our teams understand, manage and curry out software product validation process from proof of work to a blockchain production application stage. Creating even complex blockchain solutions such as hyperledger fabric with certified members within a network or managing assets in the public blockchain network like Stellar, are projects which our teams develop on a daily basis.
Data security put first
It’s worth mentioning that the security aspects of each system are critical. Definitely, the process of securing personal data, especially when it is stored online; private keys for crypto wallets or global business systems make a lot of trouble for businesses and software engineers. A small mistake can cost a lot of money and time. Our company offers blockchain based security consulting services which focus on designing and developing our products according to the best security practices.

At its core the challenge lies in external and internal threads, consequently Codete takes into account both aspects of hazards while building a blockchain product. Even though blockchains rely heavily on cryptography to achieve their data security, if a hacker accesses a system, the potential after effects could be dangerous. In this context, cryptographic hashing functions are of fundamental importance for our company. Relying on our experience and your security requirements we are able to build a blockchain based platform with multiple protection levels and a limited number of privileged user accounts. Using an advanced open source database like PostgeSQL or Apache Kafka, MapR and Java, Codete is able to build complex cross boarder platforms for customers. Relying on our technologies, recently our development team has developed a software application which supports the process of securing visual content and authors’ copyrights.

Taking all of this into account, Codete is proactively looking into and patching the known vulnerabilities and adopting new mechanisms to ensure that all involved parties are protected and no gaps and weaknesses exist in a system. As a part of our consulting work, our blockchain experts verify and test your existing system defenses and give not only advice where an issue is but also recommend a potential solution which can be applied to remove a system bug. Relying on the most modern security threat models such as Spoofing, Tampering or Stride, you can be sure that the final recommendations are being prepared well as well as all relationships between actors and assets have been studied and reviewed precisely.

Combining your internal security policies and our experience our company takes into consideration generally accepted security standards and regulations in countries where your system is being used. From a protection standpoint and blockchain business ecosystem, our consulting services are being developed according to cybersecurity risk frameworks, best practices and practical long term experience to effectively mitigate security risks.
Blockchain Development Stages
Going forward, we strongly specialize in integrating blockchain technology into your current business processes and building innovative solutions just from scratch. Using agile project management methodologies we are able to develop blockchain based business solutions according to your requirements meeting your tight deadlines and delivering small pieces of the final product in every timeframe. As a result of working together with our business partners, our company has gotten huge practical experience in building long term relations and solving project challenges quickly before any piece of work enters a project critical path. Being aware that the aim of your business is to stay ahead of your competitors, our company stays in the loop of the high tech and blockchain worlds ensuring that our employees stay well prepared for work and can deliver world class, high quality and well secured services to your business.

Whether we design and produce SaaS, PaaS or mobile applications for our customers, we make sure each line of written code and element of design are turned into real value which helps your company on the market. Our consulting services include the following project stages:

  • the discovery stage (preliminary deployment analysis) where we establish a common understanding of your business goals and development challenges to customize our blockchain development services for your business.
  • the planning phase which allows defining technical requirements and a blockchain project scope of work including feature sets and product design. The outcome of this stage is a draft from which your company can find out what the development process can look like, how long it will last and when each project milestone will be achieved.
  • In the implementation stage, Codete sets up transparent reporting to enable real time monitoring of all the operations and keep all project stakeholders well informed.
  • Once the application is deployed, your product can be taken by our technical support teams which will maintain the product and solve any tickets you would send us. Thus, even though the product is done, we do not forget about your business and still offer consulting services under our business relationship.

With Codete on the board, your business can expect to execute excellent concepts and build a unique system for your customers. Our full cycle blockchain development service is the one you can received from Codete. Let's start!
We are always one step ahead
We are always one step ahead
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