Blockchain Development Services

Codete offers consulting services in the business application of blockchain technology. A thorough review of the available cryptographic solutions, followed by designing the efficient, reliable, scalable and cost-effective tools lies at the heart of our dedicated software consulting and development process.

Codete builds bespoke blockchain-based software, tailored to the Client's needs and responding to the long-term business goals. Our experts explore the possibilities yielded by blockchain technology, design and develop digital solutions to tackle business issues for businesses across a variety of verticals.

Our experience includes collaboration with a series of leading entities from most demanding industries. For finance company, Codete created multi-currency wallets associated with BTM network, for businesses from media & entertainment sector – a custom Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for digital media transactions, for travel & hospitality enterprises - a research project on the possible blockchain applications.

We can help you in
Tapping into the blockchain tech revolution
Codete researches and provides business consultancy in the field of single most thrilling innovative technology today, allowing brand new ways of business process digitalization and optimization. Our team comprises of top-class blockchain experts, experienced in working with fast-changing tech stack, and with academic-level expertise in applied-mathematical foundations of blockchain.
Data security put first
Prior to any designed and/or developed blockchain technology stack delivery, Codete conducts a set of comprehensive, thorough QA tests of the cryptographic functions and algorithms applied. Having developed several custom FinTech and HealthTech digital products, Codete offers top-level security solutions implementation and testing in our software development projects.
Early timing
Tapping into blockchain revolution early enough translates into a substantial business competitiveness advantage. Codete comprehensively develops custom, blockchain-based business solutions, founded on the most advanced cryptographic innovations, and striking a balance point between complexity of the technologies used in quickly-changing stack building, business impact, and cost-effectiveness.
We are always one step ahead
We are always one step ahead
Big Data and Data Science
Codete provides expert consulting and comprehensive Big Data PoC & project development, making Client's market success possible. Dedicated teams lead by experts with a scientific approach towards Data Science sharpen group focus and ensure immediate software responsiveness.
Cloud Computing
Codete Could services - for full, interruption-free access to any software tools you need. In our Cloud service, we embrace state-of-the-art technologies to meet the modern software development standard paradigm and ensure Clients' needs are met smoothly, within the single service.
Codete software development process leans on a well-established DevOps methodology, applied by our vastly-experienced and battle-proven Team Leaders. Leaders oversee and coordinate all of the digital product development process phases – planning, adjusting, implementation, etc., ensuring agile and obstruction-free SLDC.