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Cloud-based Software Development

Codete’s cloud computing experts will help your company maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of moving your business to the cloud. Cost reduction, scalability, flexibility, easy access, automated updates — these are just a few of the advantages of choosing cloud solutions. We’ll be happy to advise you on the most suitable cloud services provider and assist you in implementing and maintaining your chosen services package. You can also count on us to aid you in delivering high-performing, bulletproof cloud-based applications. You can cooperate with our experienced software developers and DevOps engineers acting as your team extension, or commission a custom product.

Cloud solutions can take many forms and range from tools for managing and automating data analytics (including deep data analytics) to the Internet of Things. Cloud-based technologies can bring a new standard to your business, both on the inside — on the infrastructure level, and on the outside — on the level of your products and services, which can be enriched with the possibility of complete integration that will delight your customers.

Want it all? That’s not a problem. We’ll provide you with all the cloud-related services that you need, adapting to our client’s individual requirements is the norm at Codete. We have the know-how and experience to build your cloud infrastructure from scratch, then support and maintain it. We can help you move your data and operations safely from traditional infrastructure to the cloud, as well as from one cloud to another. And if you’re looking for cloud-based software development services to create or expand your product portfolio with a failproof web or mobile application, we’re the right place to go, too. With our proficiency in technology and business, we can guarantee you to produce desired results without wasting your time and money throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

We have successfully completed several cloud computing projects, partnering with companies from a wide variety of business verticals. We’ve implemented cloud-based solutions for clients operating in industries such as healthtech, fintech, e-commerce and retail, or hospitality and travel. Always ready to understand and apply our client’s business perspective, we’re open to collaboration with all types and sizes of companies that want to advance their business with the best technological solutions.

Our Cloud Computing specialists can help you in:

Selecting your cloud provider

Our technological expertise and experience in many industries, but most importantly — our focus on the client’s needs, is what enables us to find well-fit cloud solutions for our partners. We’ll match your business expectations with our tech knowledge to analyze all possible options and select the best one for your company. Codete’s cloud architects take many factors into account, even the seemingly minor aspects. They scrutinize everything from reliability and scalability, through regulatory compliance, to where the data centers are located.

Cloud-based software development

The trend for transferring traditional applications to the cloud is still on the rise and shows no signs of stopping, so to stay ahead of the game, you should consider joining the cloud revolution. Our IT engineers and business analysts will prepare your company for a smooth transition, then our software developers will proceed to deliver your custom cloud-based product: an app that will match your needs, fulfill your business goals, and delight your customers. Once it’s on the market, you can count on our first-rate support and maintenance services.

Cloud-based product environment

Make the best out of your production environment! Even though public and private clouds prevail in the enterprise, most IT departments still adhere to operational models dedicated to physical infrastructure and servers that involve complex environment setup processes. With the help of Codete’s specialists and our own set of dedicated tools and solutions, you can avoid making that mistake and, instead, take advantage of dynamic cloud-based models that are rich in automatic processes.

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Case Study


Our client required assistance in introducing new features to their cloud-based application for printing postcards, as well as in refactoring its code and reducing the technical margin. The app had to be divided into smaller modules, serving different functional roles.


Our dedicated software developers needed to be at the top of their game. They were collaborating with other development teams located in nearshore offices. The focus of the project was placed on the quality of the application, which resulted in a lot of thorough quality assurance efforts and testing.

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