Cloud Computing Software Development

Codete, one of the leading providers of integrated software development services, also offers unique cloud computing software development solutions which can be fully maintained by us on a daily basis. At a basic level, we believe that the real value takes many forms with IoT and cloud computing that range from data analytic management and automation to deep data management solutions. Our company also integrate cloud based technologies together bringing a new standards for your platforms which can be used, not only by your company to process big data computations in reasonable time but also by your common end users which can receive new benefits of the complete integration. That is the reason why we enable peer to peer collaboration on a global scale across all locations to help you bring your product or service on the market and allow your end users to connect to the right computation power delivered by Codete.

Our cloud based software development services have seen steady growth over the past few years and will continue to grow. Our company relies on a long term strategy which can assure our business partners that the offered services will be developed and maintained by us for long. Trust is the foundation of our business success. When our customers believe us and trust us, we can achieve more together. Our joint commitment to operating closely with integrity means doing business the right way and delivering compliant, well secured and reliable solutions and services.

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Cloud provider selection / Product hosting
As more and more information technology systems are in the cloud, making the right decision in order to choose the best cloud provider for your business can be tough. It's vital to access the reliability and capability of the cloud service vendor that you plan to entrust with your organization's data and your customers indirectly. Relying on our industrial expertise we are always trying to understand clients business, clients expectations and what our customers are looking for to create a smart and well fit solution for their business . We are always ready to match your business expectations with our technical expertise and together validate compliance with all of your requirements through the available options. Depending on our individual defined services, we can build a dedicated level of service that you are comfortable with and maintain a comprehensive security infrastructure for all cloud services offered your business.

Getting technical expertise on a daily basis through the entire software development cycle, we are proficient with both technological and business aspects which produce desired results without wasting your capital and time. With options ranging from AWS through Google Cloud to Rockspace, our experienced cloud architects can support your product effectively and advise your company precisely taking into account all minor aspects of cloud services such as data center locations, security or compliance regulations which can vary drastically from country to country, particularly in Europe. We understand that if your business is a worldwide organization, your company's rules can be usually somewhat location-specific and we are able to support you and find the most cost effective and secure solutions that protect your data and comply with recognized standards and quality frameworks. Our portfolio of cloud-focused services can also offer your company migration support solutions where our engineers help your organizations in transitioning processes to another cloud provider easily. Based on this, we balance the potential transition risks and mitigate them as early as possible so as not to influence your current company operations. With the ever growing number of technology solutions and services available to customers, companies are seeking ways to differentiate and bring a new unique value. That is why companies such as Raisin - the European leader of online banking services and Home24 - a leading online store for furniture and home decoration accessories, chose a cooperation with Codete. Our cloud based deposit location system delivered to Raisin has met all security restrictions and allowed Raisin to increase the number of customers as well as created an effective search and rate comparison engine which can be used by each user easily. On the other hand, Codete delivered an automated testing platform to Home24 which speeds up testing process across the company. As a result, Codete not only delivered the product but also started assisting in front-end and mobile technology processes based on serverless solutions.
Cloud-based software development
The proliferation of the cloud paradigm has created a very strong trend to transfer traditional services and applications to the cloud. Based on solutions such as digital twins, Codete has been developing its expertise in virtual machines, database engineers, network solutions and backup services. In our opinion, completing the shift to the cloud helps customers realize the unfulfilled promises of digitalization. The on-demand computing, storage and databases help accelerate the velocity of the development teams. But even in the cloud, your business journeys through various stages of adoption which could be easier and smoother while having Codete on the board. There is no doubt that our information technology engineers and business analysts can prepare your company for the cloud adoption perfectly.

Based on the newest technological solutions, our pragmatic programmers specialize in custom cloud application development. Looking at our huge portfolio of case studies and long term presence on the market, we can deliver cloud-based software apps that will be perfectly matched to your needs using iteration based and practical approaches. Our unique deployment and configuration methods for the standard cloud services migrations are also focused on legacy systems and applications which need to be transferred to the cloud. Our deep expertise in designing scalable architecture and end to end systems which are also fully supported by us, cover almost everything that current businesses need for developing.

Our direct focus on your success in combination with the flexibility, scalability, continuous integration and delivery of our innovative systems allows our business partners to extend their infrastructure or launch new innovations. Codete has also a highly effective customer support service center which not only focuses on your tickets but also helps to control costs and maximize the speed and efficiency of your cloud services.
Cloud-based production environment
Despite the prevalence of public and private clouds in the enterprise, most information technology departments still adhere to operational models dedicated to physical infrastructure and servers that involve complex environment setup processes. As a result, companies miss huge opportunities to take advantage of dynamic cloud-based models with many automatic processes. Codete is the global expert in adapting environmental management to business requirements with many different tools and solutions. As a software house we also have our own dedicated systems with on-demand scalability automation solutions that can drive down any unnecessary hosting costs keeping reliable usability at a respectable level. In order to realize such systems, we have designed production capabilities to support collaboration throughout the whole production value chain at your company, including our adaption to your specific production environment.

The most difficult part of cloud-based solutions is user identity management and its associated rights and permissions across cloud sites. Our security development team is able to build the most secured logging processes as well as take into account data protection and privacy policies. We offer on demand, self-service replicas of production environments for consumption by development and test teams, DevOps professionals, cloud architects, security professionals and so on. Our teams are able to manage deployment processes on physical, virtual and cloud environments including VMware, AWS, VCenter, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, hybrid and bare-metal clouds and more.

Codete is the leader in delivering cloud-agnostic and advanced secured environment Solutions as a Service (SaaS) for many teams and different market sectors. Our technological approach not only delivers scalable systems but also optimizes infrastructure utilization and increase productivity.
We are always one step ahead
We are always one step ahead
Big Data and Data Science
Codete provides expert consulting and comprehensive Big Data PoC & project development, making Client's market success possible. Dedicated teams lead by experts with a scientific approach towards Data Science sharpen group focus and ensure immediate software responsiveness.
Codete provides expert consulting and development support services in blockchain technology research and implementation. Blockchain technology allows a distributed immutable data storage and currently is digital currencies' cornerstone. Find out about possible applications of this technology in your business.
Codete software development process leans on a well-established DevOps methodology, applied by our vastly-experienced and battle-proven Team Leaders. Leaders oversee and coordinate all of the digital product development process phases – planning, adjusting, implementation, etc., ensuring agile and obstruction-free SLDC.