Custom App Software Development

Lead and senior developers are the cornerstones of any Codete's custom project development team. The core IT engineers with years of background experience in implementing newest technical innovations for the SMPs and startups, as well as for most demanding top global players oversee, facilitate, coordinate and execute custom projects from the very beginning, by supporting specific business and technical goals' analysis, custom technology stack building and the recruitment of the rest of the dedicated team. Codete custom digital product development relies only on the battle-proven, innovative technologies available in the IT industry.


How it works

Discover & Define

The first phase includes the project's goals/scope analysis and tasks' definition phase, coordinated by the Product Manager supported by the entire dedicated custom project development team. Codete main tool here is a thorough, detailed audit, serving as a basis for a project development roadmap.

Information & Visual Design

An MVP building phase - at the end of this development stage Client gets a prototype digital product demonstrating the core functionalities together with certain aspects of the UX and visual layer. MVP testing, therefore, demonstrates how the product interacts with the user needs, measuring the appeal, intuitiveness and other crucial usability factors.

Development & Deployment

Front and back-end actual project development. A phase launched upon the PoC/MVP final acceptance. Codete custom project development process comprises an iterative cycle of software development and data security testing - for the dependable final product.

Success story

Kia Motors

A leading Korean automobile manufacturer. As an uncompromising leader in the industry, Kia conquers European and American markets spreading Asian precision, reliability and technology.

The client needed expertise in terms of deciding on a technology stack. It was especially needed in the context of functionalities that were planned on being implemented, for every functionality a proper technological solution was needed to be selected, moreover that most of those functionalities were quite innovative and there was no easy, well established solution on hand.


A dedicated development team, which was responsible subsequently for the development of the application performed detailed research on every functionality, to find the best and most efficient solution.

Finally, they established how each functionality could be executed technically, and based on that a whole technology stack was created.