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Custom Software Development

A web or mobile application, an e-commerce platform, e-learning software or an enterprise solution — whatever you need, our software developers and other IT specialists are ready to deliver it for you. At Codete, we have over 150 engineers on board, and more than half of them are senior-level specialists (or higher). We employ software developers who specialize in many different technologies: PHP, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, NODE.js, Ruby on Rails, Swift, or Kotlin. We have backend, front-end, and mobile developers at your disposal, together with QA and DevOps engineers. They work closely with our UX and UI designers to deliver excellent applications that delight customers. Our teams are agile and scalable, always maintaining the highest communication standards and full transparency.

You don’t have to be an expert in technology — you can trust us to advise you on the best solutions. With our client-first approach, we’ll make sure to design and deliver software that meets your expectations and business needs, and then maintain it for you. We keep paperwork to a minimum but maximize our efforts. Taking the extra mile is our way to go.

During over a decade on the market, we have gathered extensive hands-on experience. We have cooperated with more than 50 clients on more than 70 projects from virtually every industry (read our case studies). Our top talents have developed excellent web and mobile applications for business verticals such as: fintech, healthtech, e-learning, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, logistics and transportation, automotive, and many more. Our partners — startups, SMEs, and large corporations — value our expertise, flexibility, and excellent communication skills.

We’ll take care of your digital product from start to finish: from analyzing and understanding your business objectives through choosing a suitable tech-stack to delivering a ready-to-use, thoroughly tested product. Our experts will oversee, facilitate, coordinate, and execute all aspects of effective project management and agile software development for your competitive advantage.

How Custom Software Development works:

Defining the project

Whether we’re about to develop complex enterprise software or a simple mobile application, we always start with an in-depth analysis of our client’s business objectives. Next, we define the scope of the project and its goals, then we decide on the optimal technological stack that will allow us to achieve them. All of these efforts are carried out by the whole development team and coordinated by the Product Manager. The aim of this stage is to outline a roadmap — the starting point of any successful project.

Building a Minimum Viable Product

Once we have the roadmap, we’re good to go. In the next stage of the project, our designers and software developers build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) — a prototype of the digital product the client ordered, demonstrating its core functionalities. An MVP is an effective way to test how users interact with the product. It enables us to measure its appeal, intuitiveness, and other crucial usability factors. And, most importantly, it is a means to verify if it meets the users’ needs. It’s a green light for building the full product.

Development and end user release

Once the Proof of Concept and the Minimum Viable Product are accepted, the actual custom software development is ready to begin. Until the final product is ready for release, our engineers develop it in iterative cycles, keeping our client up to date with the progress. Before launch, the software undergoes meticulous quality assurance processes to ensure that it’s bug-free, high-performing, and secure. Together with the product, our partner always receives all the rights to its code, and if they wish — our support and maintenance services.

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Case Study

Kia Motors

Our client needed our assistance in choosing a proper technological stack for their project, especially taking into account the functionalities that they planned on implementing. For every functionality, we had to select a suitable tech solution. The vast majority of these functionalities were quite innovative, and usually, there was no obvious solution.


Codete’s dedicated software development team, which was also responsible for the subsequent development of the application for car dealers, performed detailed research on every planned functionality. Based on how each functionality could be executed, we have built a complete tech stack, and followed with developing the product.

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