Dedicated Development Teams

Codete dedicated software teams act as our Clients' external IT departments, providing consulting and full-stack development services in the field of bespoke, utterly innovative technologies conceptualized and delivered by highly skilled software engineers and business experts. Our scope of work covers all the digitization processes – consulting business goals, research, design, prototyping, development, QA & testing, maintenance. Codete's Team Leaders' soft skills guarantee smooth and clear communication for the individualized product, and our software engineers' technical programming expertise - excellent, clean code. With integral in-depth auditing phase and industry-relevant business experts on board, Codete always strategizes upon the Client's precise business needs and goals.

Codete offers a complete takeover of any and all development-related operations – now devised and executed 100% by your dedicated software development team, acting as a stand-alone external IT department. Codete dedicated software teams while owning the entirety of digital product development processes, always keep short and long-term Client's business goals in mind. Teams Codete provides are skill-wise self-sufficient – from Team Leaders and project managers, through UX & graphic designers, front and back-end software engineers, to QA & software testers. Our dedicated teams build bespoke digital products with the freshest solutions out there, keeping any technical debt to a minimum, and deliver scalable, low maintenance, future modification-ready digital business software.

Dozens of thousands of language courses, at hand in a single, efficient web app. We set out from Client's needs, focused in two areas: overall performance improvement and platform feature-wise enrichment; the special condition was a specific product lifecycle. Therefore, Codete brought forth a dedicated cross-functional software team, comprising not only of devs but also of a sysadmin and SEO specialist. As a result, the performance received a dramatic boost by code & architecture review sessions, while the overall approach stayed startup-like.


What you can gain


Codete teams bring in critical, experience-based, modern innovations, by employing reliable technologies like: Java, Javascript, Mobile, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Python, .NET etc.

Confidence & trust

We do not disclose anything concerning confidential issues. We are always open to signing an NDA. Code wrote for you by Codete is your property, period - access to it and all the rights belong to you.

Quality & Security

Codete experts build software impenetrable security-wise - a quality essential for businesses managing personal, confidential data (branches like FinTech, HealthTech or e-commerce), making the most of their vast background experience in data security and privacy protection. No line of code is left unturned for our Clients' peace of mind.

Success story


Unirac develops and manufactures the PV market's largest spectrum of advanced-engineered residential mounting solutions for ground and roof applications.

The client needed an application developed and lacked the necessary technical assets of their own. for the greater part the development process was worked upon by an experienced and dedicated Codete team. The project not being developed by us from the very beginning, meant limited possibilities of technological choice many of our suggestions therefore were connected with using particular libraries of solved problems (export to AutoCAD, integration with external servers etc.) We played a role of support for the existing project. An application that was developed with the use of out dated technical solutions has been successively updated by us coupled with increasing the code quality by refactoring.


A dedicated team was formed to meet the client’s expectations within a desired deadline. As a team we were responsible for functionality development which was earlier specified by the client along with application functionality testing and deployment. Optimizing application performance was preserved by introducing changes in the existing code and we were also partially responsible for server management. Additionally, we were able to set the application development process so as to be more convenient for the developers. The client received full technical support at every stage of project development as well as reserving the opportunity to introduce new resources when necessary.