DevOps Support

Codete developers and operations teams, integrated with an apt application of DevOps methodology deliver fully dedicated solutions tailored to the Client's business needs. At Codete, we embrace full-on cross-disciplinarity in our approach towards IT engineering, in order to deliver impeccable digital products and designs. By integrating software development and operations, including expert-level business consulting, automating day-to-day workflow with expert tools, while keeping all of our work agile, Codete accelerates the custom software evolution process which covers all stages of digital product building from scratch – including conceptualization, design, back and front-end development, and support. A result is resilient, stable, fully scalable digital products that make a real difference in your business, continuously supported and updated by Codete.

We can help you in
Process continuity establishment
Codete reduces go-to-market timeline by implementing continuous integration and continuous product delivery. Continuous testing allows for early possible failure detection and issue-tackling on an ongoing basis along the whole development process. Continuous release lowers the risk by providing immediate feedback. Continuous learning and improvement allow for an efficient production launch, based on the latest code review results.
Self-managed infrastructure
Self-managed platforms by Codete allow for fully flexible scalability – achieved with IaC and autoscaling mechanisms, Client's infrastructure adjusts to the current user traffic demand, resulting in performance, resources and cost optimization.
End-to-end responsibility and knowledge sharing
Codete DevOps specialists are ultimately responsible for end-user experience, being a part of a cross-functional team with end-to-end responsibility. Knowledge-sharing culture allows team members to achieve high efficiency of across-servers, database, and network operations, while continuously in touch with development and support.
We are always one step ahead
We are always one step ahead
Big Data and Data Science
Codete provides expert consulting and comprehensive Big Data PoC & project development, making Client's market success possible. Dedicated teams lead by experts with a scientific approach towards Data Science sharpen group focus and ensure immediate software responsiveness.
Cloud Computing
Codete Could services - for full, interruption-free access to any software tools you need. In our Cloud service, we embrace state-of-the-art technologies to meet the modern software development standard paradigm and ensure Clients' needs are met smoothly, within the single service.
Codete provides expert consulting and development support services in blockchain technology research and implementation. Blockchain technology allows a distributed immutable data storage and currently is digital currencies' cornerstone. Find out about possible applications of this technology in your business.