Development Centres

Codete Development Centres serve simply as dedicated, external IT departments. Our DC process identifies and overcomes any typical or rare challenges linked to software outsourcing cooperation model. Codete IT nearshoring Development Centres are powered first and foremost by the richness of our international experience, accumulated over the years filled with cooperating with businesses from virtually all verticals.

Codete Development Centres’ core IT nearshoring asset is multi-dimensional expertise targeting specific and individual challenges of client's business processes, covering cutting-edge tech solutions, as well as in-depth subject-matter insights. A thorough understanding of our clients’ perspective, strategy and goals is the foundation of the cooperation.

In Development Centres we embrace an ultimate flexibility approach, which allows us to essentially serve as an extension of our clients’ in-house development team. This is achieved by assimilating/integrating with an already established organizational culture, project management style and philosophy, adopting QA procedures, mastering the workflow and tools, frameworks, and solutions used so far, while staying agile all along. As Development Centres we establish core communication in no time with a person onboarding, or other, meetings and remote communication means of client's choice.


How it works

Business & technology consulting phase

Consulting Phase's integral part is the audit, which main purpose is to round up all the information needed for taking over the complete responsibility for development- related operations in the organization - in order to secure this goal, we go to the extra mile: analyze the so far delivery process, relationship with the legacy IT departments, and inspect the technologies to be used.

IT strategy lay-out phase

Codete is eager to support both the major players, corporations having already highly developed and individualized networks, infrastructure, products and technologies, and small businesses, such as start-ups, by consulting on innovations, implementing them in the existing tech, prototyping and proof-of-concept building.

Quality & Security

Codete is flexible about setting up work for team members. Our first step is to organize the onboarding period at the client premises as the teams kicks-off. After that time, our engineers continue working remotely, frequently visiting the customer in the course of the project. It usually happens for the major releases and/or important planning sessions.

Success story

Language International

A worldwide service to search and pay for language courses, and book and pay for accommodation. This platform also has an intranet for schools with a useful administration panel.

Performance consulting for Language International project LI was facing serious problems related to performance and stability. Pages were returning very slowly and when excess traffic was encountered, the application was frequently failing. The then server architecture was unable to handle the application and was extremely costly. There were no emergency procedures in the case of the application becoming unresponsive.


LI needed a development team to improve project stability and performance and introduce new desired features.The daily duties of the team working in ‘scrumban’ methodology are: the development and implementation of functionalities designed by the client. Prior to development we have a brainstorming session in which key functionalities, necessary technologies, libraries and optimal functionality implementation is discussed. Our expert team is managed internally with a team leader as first point of contact. As the client doesn’t have anyone technical on site, they needed technical web application experts to suggest efficient and working solutions.