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IT Audit and Consulting services

Sometimes a look from the outside in is like a breath of fresh air — also in business. If you’re searching for external insights into your company’s performance and your team’s productivity, we’ve got you covered. For the past decade, we’ve been working with some of the most innovative players on the market, developing outstanding software solutions in an agile environment. We’ve gathered enough experience and practical knowledge to provide our clients with in-depth audit and consult them on their IT processes. Everything to help them take their digital business to the next level.

External auditors and consulting experts will provide you with a new outlook on the workings of your company. Possibly overlooked pain points, possibilities for optimization, savings options, productivity improvements, or bold ideas on future directions — these are just some of the benefits you may expect. You can count on a thorough assessment of your software development process, your infrastructure, and your potential for digital success.

How does it work? At Codete, we start our audit and consulting services by understanding our client’s business goals and needs, then scrutinizing their software development processes bit-by-bit. Our consultants analyze team workflows and proceed to interview individual team members to get a larger picture. Then, we conduct detailed code review sessions. We also take a look at the tools in use, already implemented solutions, and at the infrastructure. We investigate everything from project management methods and day-to-day work to scalability and security of your technological toolset.

The results of our audit are communicated in the form of a final report. It’s a comprehensive catalog consisting of broad technical documentation, a list of implemented optimizations, and a set of insights and further recommendations. It’s not only a tailored action plan for boosting a company’s productivity and improving their software development processes and quality of their code, but also a guidebook on cutting costs, avoiding risks, and introducing innovations.

Our IT Audit and Consulting services can help you in:

Performance boost

One of the goals of our audit is to identify the bottlenecks in our client’s performance, both in the way their projects are managed and their teams work, as well as in the way their technological stack and infrastructure are used as the framework for delivering innovations. We diagnose possible issues and recommend precise solutions to tackle each of these problems. We always look at them as challenges and opportunities for improvement — a space for your business to advance.

Software development optimization

Codete’s consulting specialists can radically change your existing software development processes for better, leading to increased productivity of your company’s tech department and quicker delivery of new products and services. Based on our extensive experience in agile project management and knowledge in best technological practices, we’ll review your existing methods, code, and tech stack, to propose a set of enhancements.

Cost and risk reduction

We’ll support you in achieving your company’s best technological shape by eliminating bottlenecks and security threats on the one hand, and by improving your IT department’s productivity on the other. We will advise you on agile software development and writing bulletproof code, on cost-effective and scalable infrastructure solutions, and last but not least — on the paths your business could take to seize all the opportunities brought by digital transformation.

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Case Study

Broker Genius

We’ve helped our client to revamp their software development process and boost their efficiency in building their product and achieving critical business goals. Broker Genius was rapidly developing their product when they reached out to us for help. The company has been working on it for over 3 years, releasing several successful versions to market.


They were looking for a technology partner to carry out a comprehensive audit and an in-depth analysis of their development processes, technology stack, and solutions. Broker Genius hoped that the audit would provide them with insights that would, in turn, enable process improvements and get them closer to achieving key business goals. We have become their long-term consulting partners.

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