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Mobile Development services

Today, a good idea for an app is not enough for the product to succeed. The idea requires perfect execution. Users are expecting a smooth experience — an app should be well-designed, high-performing, and failure-free. To delight your customers and gain competitive advantage, you need to deliver a flawless mobile application. Whether you’d like to purchase a full product or augment your development team, our specialists are here to help you.

At Codete, we’re lucky to have top IT talents, including skilled Android and iOS developers who are experienced in creating high-quality mobile applications — both native mobile apps and increasingly popular hybrid mobile apps. We have worked with companies such as GFI, Fyber, HERE, LifeMap Solutions, and many more. We’re also developing a Cardiac App in cooperation with a medical university.

We know what it takes to deliver a successful mobile app. Once you decide to partner with us, we’ll talk through your expectations and your target audience needs, and make a list of requirements. When we have discussed the scope of features, we’ll advise you on the best technology. Finally, we’ll design a roadmap and start developing. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with our clients based on transparency and trust. To ensure that, we’ll stay in close contact and update you on the current status of the project on a daily basis. Together, we’ll create an application that provides actual value both to your business and to the users.

We don’t limit our work to well-written code. We always have our client’s business goals and their customers’ needs in mind. Our designers and software developers build mobile applications that offer positive user experience and excellent performance. We make sure the apps are easy to maintain, update, and develop further.

Our Mobile Developers can help you in:

Choosing the right technology

We’ll discuss your business model and your expectations, and help you choose the right technology. If you have an idea for a mobile application but no coding skills or team to develop it, you can count on us to advise you on everything you need to know before you embark on your journey to build a product. Our experts will provide you with time and cost estimations for each technology that might be suitable for your project — all that to help you make a conscious, educated decision. Then our designers and developers will help you deliver an app that your customers will love.

Developing your application from start to finish

At Codete, we follow the best web development practices to ensure high quality of the products that we build. We construct detailed roadmaps for software delivery that we share with our clients at the start of our cooperation. It’s crucial to us that they know what will be happening in each stage of the development process, from planning and conducting feasibility studies to coding and testing. We’re happy to take ownership of your project through its whole life cycle: analysis, design, development, maintenance, and with time — adding new functionalities, too.

Product support, maintenance and updates

For a working business, you need a working product. We know it, that’s why besides IT consulting and software development, we also offer full product support. Depending on your needs, our support specialists can provide you with complete care, regular maintenance, or ad hoc help. Modern technology allows us to easily monitor the system status of your mobile application 24/7 and quickly respond when a problem arises. We can detect, diagnose, and fix any issue in your software remotely.

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Case Study

Cardiac App

We’ve been helping a well-established medical university to develop a healthtech solution that would allow them to get a clearer picture of heart diseases. Our development team is delivering a mobile application for iOS. The app is based on the ResearchKit framework, open-source software from Apple that enables medical researchers to enroll research participants and gather meaningful data.


With the app, the researchers can better understand heart diseases by analyzing filled out surveys and by monitoring the participant’s physical activities, collecting their daily health and motion data, and their genetic data. But there’s profit for everyone — in turn, the participants can gain greater insight into the factors that can cause heart diseases.

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