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Software Development Centers

Software development centers are the most comprehensive, top-shelf service in our portfolio. If you need a complete IT department that will take care of all your software development-related operations, this is the right option for you. It’s an all-inclusive service for delivering digital products. Our multidimensional IT expertise backed up by years of experience allows us to offer you support on all stages of software development. From laying the groundwork by performing a thorough business audit and designing a strategy to follow, to going step-by-step through the stages it outlines.

Nearshoring your software development operations is a time- and cost-effective way to accelerate your digital transformation. By outsourcing the recruitment processes and cutting the costs of housing an IT department at your premises, you can focus solely on growth — and Codete’s consultants will gladly support you in this matter.

During over a decade on the market, we have gathered invaluable experience in virtually every business vertical. Understanding our client’s business perspective lies at the heart of each of our partnerships. By having their goals in mind and integrating with their company culture, we can successfully expand their digital portfolio. At the start of nearly every cooperation, our specialists spend two weeks on onboarding at our client’s premises so that both sides can get to know each other. Further on, we meet in person when needed. However, if our client prefers to work 100% remotely — that’s also possible, and we already have experience in entirely remote projects

We always adapt to our partner’s project management methodologies and tools while staying agile all along and maintaining full transparency. Agility and flexibility are in our DNA. We’re eager to go the extra mile and quickly respond to changing demands if that’s what it takes to achieve the best results, and we never compromise on quality.

What our Software Development Centers can do for you:

Business and technology consulting

A thorough audit is an integral part of Codete’s consulting services. Its purpose is to round up all the information necessary for taking over the responsibility for our client’s software development processes and software-related operations in their organization. Before we move on with our technological solutions, we examine the company’s IT past and present to get a complete picture of the situation. Only then we can make accurate recommendations and successfully prepare for future challenges.

IT strategy

Codete is eager to support companies of all sizes in designing their technological strategy. We have experience in working with both small and big businesses. Whether you’re a startup or a corporation, our experts will consult you on possible improvements and innovations. We’ll provide you with a prototype and a Proof of Concept, then deliver the solution for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the start of your digital journey or already have a complex infrastructure and a rich portfolio of products.

Agile software development

If you asked us what is the best thing about working with us, we’d probably say: we’re flexible. And by that, we mean that we’re agile and ready to adjust to the demands of the situation. Whether it’s a new technological challenge in the course of the project or an urgent need to expand our team of engineers, we’ll be right on it. We never hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible solution that meets our partner’s expectations.

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Case Study

Language International

Our challenge was to deliver an improved web application that helps to easily find, compare and sign up for thousands of language courses and study programs. The key requirement that our client had was to increase the overall performance of their platform and implement a number of enhancements, including SEO improvements.


We've put major focus on adjusting the existing development process to match a specific project life-cycle. Codete’s goal was to bring our client’s platform to the next level, finalize the delivery of the product, and ultimately — bring the final success to the promising startup company.

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