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In today’s global marketplace, it is not enough for your business to just have a digital presence. To take real advantage of web and mobile development, your customers' involvement is a must. As each business is looking to set up a company online presence in order to promote their products, brands as well as keep relations with business partners, the high demand for well-built web and mobile apps has expanded recently. Each company has its fair share of perks and advantages. Codete, as an international web development vendor, cooperates with many scaleups from all over the world and has expertise in deploying IT solutions into widespread international well known brands.

Today’s Codete team is famous for delivering good quality digital service platforms, going beyond the existing IT standards. The global cyberspace offers a lot of different and advanced solutions which can be deployed to your new digital business with our help. The truth is that it's not only about how website front-end works but to deliver digital results and make a company more competitive, web solutions should offer an engaging user experience feature and custom, business-driven solutions. At Codete, we understand that one of the best benefits of the shift towards digital services is that consumer behavior and his or her purchasing style are easily trackable as well as a high-quality brand website is now an integral component of any effective digital marketing strategy, and that consumer standards for web design are higher than ever before. Our dedicated digital web & mobile development teams can create a fully scalable, optimized and user friendly product which can give your customers additional and real value. As a result of the close cooperation with your development teams, we are able to meet more precisely the demand for well-built web apps.

To succeed, we have to work together to complete this challenging task. Our daily discussions will be very helpful to create a complete list of your expectations, requirements and follow up with the current status of the project. We focus on detail – every aspect of good web and mobile solutions is designed smartly to maximize the user experience and your company profits. We’re always trying to deliver high performance, featuring powerful graphics and quality display product.

We can help you in
Total software product ownership
Working at the software house, we focus not only on coding but also on delivering the best solutions for our business clients. To complete this challenge, we follow the best software development approaches available on the market. Our systematic process for building software ensures the quality and correctness of the product built. Relying on web development roadmaps, our hands-on approaches create opportunities to build long term relations with our business partners. Our customers can be sure that before starting cooperation with Codete, they receive a detailed plan which explains how planning, building and maintaining a specific product will look like at the end. Every phrase of our development process has its own sprints and processes as well as deliverables that feed into the next phase. Our feasibility studies and analysis phase deliver answers to you if the final web or mobile app meets economic, legal, operation and technical aspects of the project. We also take into account a lot of level design features such as functional logic of the designed modules, addressing all types of dependencies as well as inputs and outputs for every module and so on.

All in all, creating an effective modern experience for your customers boils down to a few key points such as creating an easy to use product, designing a memorable brand identity or investing in content. All of this is a full software service package which is available for business partners at Codete. Relying on a vision of what you wish to build, our teams can follow up with a full software product life cycle path and apply all needed features to make your product more visible on the Internet. We understand that web and mobile apps are no longer simply about having simple apps, but they are serious products that happen to live and run most important innovation in the business.
State-of-the-art technology
In the world of different mobile computing devices and the fragmented operating system market, your business needs to have a product which can fit your potential customers perfectly. That’s why Codete provides both native and universal apps. For a company looking to have a good quality product, this solution seems to fit the best, however our unique approach allows us to give you our suggestions before a project starts. Our company is able to design, program, deliver and support your mobile and web products, adding our recommendations to each of the development stages maximizing your potential benefits. What is more, if your company does not have expertise in web and mobile software development, our experts can make different sketches of your final product estimating time and potential cost needed to complete each technical solution.

If your business is serious about achieving rapid growth and time is a critical factor, then our dedicated team is able to adjust to your timeframe and relocate our human resources dynamically whenever it would be required for your success. What is more, we love to stay in touch with your company on a daily basis, not only to inform you about the current project status but also to discuss any doubts we may have regarding a product or just to know if a product meets your expectations.

Our amazing and full of ideas web and mobile graphic designers and software developers can build products which consist of great animations, typography and mobile elegance. Keeping in mind that an oft-forgotten aspect of an effective brand identity is the idea of core values and consumers usually want to know what your business stands for or the “why” motivation for existing. At Codete, we also take this important factor into account during our cooperation with you and designing a product for your business.
Full product support
Your business is only as strong as your products. That’s why Codete doesn’t only deliver a complete product to your business but also offers comprehensive technical maintenance service packages. Our web and mobile maintenance service for your products are a vital part in making your business successful. In the light of progressive web development trends, it’s also worth being aware that global technologies change every year or even every month. Our technical support team makes sure that the products that you have to stay in good operating condition. Our regular control, maintenance and potential repairs to your system can reduce idle times and grant high availability and minimize any downtime. Apart from this, our precise code reviewing process and upgrades guarantee high product security which is always being tested by our experts to reveal flaws and protect your information better.

Relying on different technologies, we can support and maintain your web platform traffic smoothly and monitor the system status easily. Our technical assistance by different channels can diagnose remotely where the source of system issues and how to fix them as quickly as possible. Our professional maintenance services essentially refer to delivering periodic upgrades, technical support and a product development service. We pride ourselves in providing world-class support so that our business partners from both the private and public sectors can provide great services to their end users.

Web and mobile maintenance have an important role to play in your business, and one should not ignore it if you really intend to enhance your business. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to your specific wishes and expectations. Codete offers a range of customer service and support levels to meet your operational requirements. For even more safety we offer individual service packages at fair prices. Whether full service or component product contract, we determine the optimum scope of our services for you. For different types of service, you can either conclude a system care contract or call our professional service on a case by case basis regardless if you need predictive or corrective maintenance. We are always available for your business through our single central point of contact for all technical questions, analyses and technical troubleshooting.