Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Managers

This training is dedicated to product managers, C-level managers, project managers, and any other level managers with limited technical knowledge. We go through the main topics that are important to manage a team and a company that wants to transform into an AI-based company. We explain different approaches and machine learning methods. Show the steps on how to transform properly your company into an AI company. Point out the most popular mistakes done during the transformation. An important part has dedicated the process of data science projects which includes data acquisition, data preprocessing, model building and validation. We show also how to build a data science team and what are the most popular tools available on the market.

Duration: 1 day
Level: manager

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Managers

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    • Prerequisites

      • Basic level experience with any programming language

    • Outcomes

      • Know how to build an AI team and do the transformation properly
      • Build a data science project workflow that success

    • Agenda

      • Machine learning taxonomy
      • AI-based project workflow
      • AI Transformation
      • Quality models measures
      • Building AI teams
      • Tools overview


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Karol Przystalski

CTO Codete, O'Reilly Trainer, Elsevier Reviewer

Obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2015 at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. CTO and founder of Codete. Leading and mentoring teams of Codete. Working with Fortune500 companies on data science projects. Built a research lab that is working on machine learning methods and big data solutions in Codete. Give speeches and trainings in German and English in data science with a focus on applied machine learning. Currently involved in trainings at O’Reilly.

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Olga Sroka

Workshop Advisor

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Maciej Szczepański

Workshop Advisor

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