Blockchain - how to do it right

During the workshop we go through the basic pitfalls of blockchain. At first we go through the basics to cover the foundation. To warm up we set up the blockchain and development tools related to it. We show what smart contacts and tokens are. We will strongly focus on dangers and difficulties when using blockchain, and why it should always be supported by classical database. We will implement basic application which stores transaction data in blockchain, supported by a typical database, to handle data which needs to stay mutable.

Duration: 1 day
Level: beginner

Blockchain - how to do it right

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      • Basic Javascript/Node.js knowledge
      • Basic Solidity knowledge
      • Affiliation towards blockchain development


      • Participants will learn how to setup simple blockchain environment
      • Each participant will get familiar with security and data storing issues related to development of blockchain based application


    • Introduction

      • What blockchain is
      • Why it is so trending
      • Comparison with classical databases
      • Different types of blockchain
    • Ethereum blockchain

      • Why it is specific
      • How to setup private blockchain
      • Related development tools
      • Exercise 1
    • Smart contracts

      • Introduction to smart contracts
      • Why testing is so important
      • Problems with deployments
      • Explanation of use cases and implications
      • Exercise 2
    • Tokens

      • How they work
      • ERC20 standard
      • Status information update
      • Exercise 3
    • Data security and scrambling

      • What are the biggest threats when using blockchain
      • Combination of blockchain and classic database
      • Exercise 4
    • Example decentralized application

      • Decentralized application structure
      • Approach change
      • Exercise 5


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Paweł Dyrek

Technology Consulting Manager

Paweł Dyrek is a Project Manager with multiple international projects completed over last years. An experienced PHP Symfony developer and big enthusiast of Agile methodologies.

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Olga Sroka

Workshop Advisor

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Maciej Szczepański

Workshop Advisor

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