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No more wasted energy on laborious phone calls, emailing or texting, Pro Booking is an innovative service that connects you as a fitness provider simply and efficiently with your clients.


The client had an application that proved very unstable and full of bugs. They needed an expert in terms of how to proceed and improve on their current situation. We took over an ongoing project, in the role as MVP. The code quality was very poor and was without prior testing. Key challenges concerned improving the application’s stability, implementing new functionalities and refactoring requisition management was also part of our remit.

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A backend expert on our side was tasked with evaluating the current server situation, including technology stack, code quality, server setup and development processes that were used thus far. Both mobile application (android and iOS) were reviewed by our QAs to evaluate main functionalities and form a list of existing bugs and improvements that should be implemented. A comprehensive plan on how to proceed was formed, with a special focus on improving and refactoring the former code base, implementing automated testing (both unit and functional tests), the setup of Continuous Integration tools (based on Jenkins), requisition management and SCRUM process with short release cycles.


Pro­Booking had no backend development team at the time, and only partially available mobile developers. The backend of the application needed to be adjusted to work properly with the current version of mobile applications in addition to improved stability and the removal of most of the important bugs that were appearing. An experienced team needed to be formed to make development possible and introduce any processes that could work for the customer.

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A backend team of two developers was formed, one of them serving in the role of team leader. Developers worked in weekly cycles, each week ended with a demonstration of progress and current status update, in addition to daily communication to clarify any questions. The application was totally refactored and thoroughly tested, which served to significantly decrease technical debt. New functionalities were implemented to meet client business objectives. The application consists of 3 parts, the backend which serves REST API and manages data, mobile applications responsible for the visual part of the application and communication with the backend, Configtool as a tool for the configuration of club offers and user managing. The core features of the application were covered in rigorous tests, whilst the whole application was reworked. The overall stability and performance of the backend application increased dramatically.

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