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Dedicated software development teams to augment your IT department

Experienced IT partner

Onshoring, nearshoring, offshoring – all these buzzwords boil down to one thing: partnering with an external software development company to create a digital product or speed up the process of delivering it. Augmenting internal IT departments with dedicated development teams is the perfect solution for companies that don’t have the time to spare for recruiting and hiring the right engineers on their own. With remote work on the rise, you’re no longer limited to the specialists in your proximity but can continue to search for the know-how you need.

End-to-end service

Codete can cover the entire scope of your software development process. Starting with business consulting and research, through design and prototyping, to development and testing, followed by support and maintenance. Our dedicated team model is designed to fill all the critical roles in a newly set up software development team, as well as to provide individual engineers ready to fit seamlessly into your already established lineup. We are also able to support you in the vast majority of technologies currently in use. This gives you the possibility of easily trying something new, without hiring a completely new team of developers with different skill set.

Strong expertise

At Codete, we already have over 250 experienced specialists on board in a variety of technologies, and our excellent recruiting team can quickly find new hires when needed. Whether you choose to partner with us to work with dedicated software development teams or pick individual developers, we can guarantee that we will strengthen your company’s workforce with proven professionals. We operate in today’s most in-demand technologies, such as PHP, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, NODE.js, Ruby on Rails, Swift, or Kotlin. Combined with our proficiency in machine learning, data science, blockchain, and cloud computing, we have a comprehensive set of in-demand IT skills that you can utilize for your competitive advantage.

Flexible approach

Our partners often emphasize that in addition to our expertise, they also value our smooth communication during the software development process. Each and every of our dedicated software development teams guarantees to maintain full transparency and provide our clients with daily updates on project progress. We flexibly adapt to the chosen project management methodology and keep paperwork to a minimum. As far as contracts are concerned, we are open to signing NDAs and never disclose confidential details. The code we write for our clients is always their property.

At Codete, we form hand-picked teams to address the exact needs of our customers and provide the services they need. Whether it's testing, developing a new idea, conducting a thorough audit or improving IT business processes – we are ready to help you. By hiring a dedicated development team, you can focus solely on your growth.

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Our dedicated development teams can help you in:

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Implementing top technological solutions
You can trust the expertise of the dedicated software development team provided by Codete– it’s backed by years of experience, as more than 66% of our engineers are senior- or higher-level specialists. Whether you choose to cooperate with our frontend, backend, or mobile developers (or all of them!), we can guarantee that they know the tricks of the trade and use them to deliver outstanding results. You can also work with our team leaders, consultants, UX designers, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers to fully support your new product.
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Unirac needed to finalize the development of their application for the photovoltaic market but did not have the necessary in-house technical resources. 

The development process was largely handled by a dedicated Codete team. However, we did not develop the app from scratch, which meant limited options in terms of technological choices. Many of our suggestions were related to using certain libraries to solve problems with the app’s functionalities (such as exporting to AutoCAD, integrating with external servers, and so on). 

We played the role of support for the existing project. With our help, our client’s application, which was originally developed with outdated technological solutions, was gradually modernized. We also increased the quality of the code through refactoring.

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Technologies in use

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