E-commerce & Retail Software Development

Codete provides specialized e-commerce software teams for bespoke retail software development. We deliver digital products that meet leading vendors' business expectations. Codete offers a process of a complete web & mobile e-commerce application development, driven by Client's business-specific goals, needs, and target-audience usability. To provide the top user experience, our dedicated e-commerce software teams employ fresh technologies, implementing advanced product-type to customer-expectation matching features, an uncompromising level of personal and corporate data security, while integrating the e-commerce platform with a maximum number of payment systems. Codete e-commerce UX/UI specialists run A/B tests to ensure a smooth purchase flow and interface intuitiveness and minimize the cart abandonment rate. Offering online retail development and consultancy services focused on RWD, cross-platform applications and m-commerce, Codete always delivers extraordinary applications right in the hands of your customers.

What you can gain
Global market reach
With Codete web & mobile retail software and online marketing tools apps, our Clients are ready to strengthen their position on global markets. Due to full e-commerce platforms' scalability, rapid business expansion or a sudden pivot are never an issue.
Responsive web design
& m-commerce solutions
With Codete, your e-commerce tools enjoy full cross-platform integration and support (desktop, tablets, smartphones); smooth and consistent point of sale display regardless of device contributes to brand-awareness and increases sales.
Modern tech for data privacy
State-of-the-art technologies employed by Codete e-commerce design and development experts result in outstanding customer experience. Innovate to compete, but also to secure – Codete specialists provide world-class data privacy and security solutions.

Success story


Home24 is the leading online shop for furniture and home accessories. Our products include furniture, lamps, home accessories and garden equipment, operating in 7 core markets in Europe.

Home24 needed a support selecting technology stack, and approach to fulfill their business needs for their core business. The main areas of focus were around distribution, taking decisions on how it should be developed, and what mobile solutions should be used. Testing solutions were also evaluated.


A dedicated team was formed to perform the necessary research for the customer. When it comes to automatic acceptance tests, Codeception emerged as the best solution, however it’s only a component of a bigger platform. Home24 is the biggest German online furniture shop, available in 7 European countries. Their vast number of articles, processing of payments, numerous layouts and options for different types of products made testing this project quite challenging, nevertheless success prevailed and Codete was able to meet another happy customer’s needs. Having our testing platform ready, we were able to deliver new tests very quickly, allowing us to greatly increase code coverage. Having high code coverage with unit tests only, doesn’t guarantee that business logic is implemented properly. In conjunction with acceptance tests, we can be almost sure, that the application works in the way we’ve planned it for the customer.