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E-commerce is booming, and just offering high-quality products is no longer enough to run a successful online store. To stay in the game in today’s reality, you need a high-performing platform that works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices and provides a pleasant user experience for your customers. Whether you’re planning to start your own digital e-commerce or retail business from scratch, bring your existing store online, or improve the platform you already have – Codete can assist you at all stages of the process with our industry experience and technological know-how.

Custom team

Depending on your needs, we can extend your IT department with dedicated software developers or build the software for you, taking full product ownership. Whatever you choose, we can provide you with a bespoke e-commerce development solutions package tailored to your requirements and business objectives. We believe that all successful projects are built on being on the same business ground. That's why we always take the time and effort to understand and apply our client's perspective.

Tested solutions

Codete engineers follow the best practices of frontend, backend, and mobile app development to ensure top performance of every e-commerce and retail platform that we develop for our clients. We also have their future growth in mind – we make sure that our e-commerce software development solutions are easily scalable. We never rely on guesswork when it comes to building a platform that customers will love. That’s why our UX/UI designers run numerous A/B tests to ensure a smooth checkout process, intuitive user interface, and minimal cart abandonment rate. And last but not least, our quality assurance specialists perform meticulous testing to find potential bugs that need to be fixed before deployment, so that the final product is bulletproof.

Credible partnership

With more than 350 IT specialists on board, over 120 projects from different business verticals in our portfolio, and over 12 years in the market – we are confident that we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver outstanding e-commerce software solutions. We have worked with brands such as Home24, Total, and Language International among others. Our clients value our expertise, flexibility, and communication skills. We aim at building long-term business relationships, so we keep our partnerships transparent and we’re always willing to go the extra mile.

At Codete, we create comprehensive e-commerce software development solutions to provide a full set of services to satisfy exact needs of our e-commerce & retail clients. Whether you’re aiming at bringing a new eye-catching app to the market or extending mobile app development – we are ready to help you. Let our IT experts analyze the potential of your ideas and suggest the optimal e-commerce development services to boost your sales.

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Global market reach
Are you ready to make your debut or strengthen your position in the global market? We’re rooting for your success, and to prepare you for the future glory – we’ll use our technological expertise to make your e-commerce or retail platform easily scalable, so rapid business growth and massive amounts of traffic will never be a problem.
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As a leading online store for furniture and home accessories, Home24 serves thousands of customers in seven European countries. We helped the e-commerce giant optimize its technology stack and provided backend, frontend, and mobile support. 

The complementary skills of our three dedicated software development teams provide a broad spectrum of support. Our developers were – and to some extent still are – responsible for key elements in the client’s technology process. We have already helped Home24 develop an automated testing platform for the backend, and we continue to support them in the frontend and mobile technology processes.

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Technologies in use

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