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Frontend, backend & mobile app development services to help you build world-class software development projects

Comprehensive service range

Smart companies harness the potential of modern technologies to create products and services that delight customers and create a real competitive advantage. Our experts helped many businesses capture bigger market shares by using technology solutions. We realize how challenging that can be. Based on over a decade of experience on the market, we deliver comprehensive services across frontend development, backend development, and mobile application development. Our teams develop fail-safe and scalable apps that come with a solid architecture and high performance. We're technology-agnostic and have a broad range of specialists on board to deliver anything from a mobile gaming app to PWA.

End-to-end delivery

Our comprehensive mobile app development process services works for companies of all sizes operating in any industry. We develop applications for both internal use and to be released in the market. Each web development project is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients, and our team guarantees to deliver a bespoke software service package every time. Whether it’s building a CRM system or a mobile ride-sharing application, we have the proven process and know-how for transforming every business vertical.

Battle-tested process

Our frontend developers and backend developers know what it takes to deliver a successful application, whether it’s for web, mobile, or desktop. When you decide to partner with us, we’re going to carefully examine your target audience, analyze your business needs, and develop a list of key requirements of your application. The next step is discussing the scope of features and picking the right technology stack to support your software development project. Finally, we develop a product roadmap and start working on your solution.

Unique expertise

Our frontend, backend, and mobile app developers can share their know-how with your team as dedicated specialists or external consultants. We have many years of experience in successfully cooperating on remote web development / mobile app development projects with clients from across the globe. Thanks to our proven process, agile approach, and experience working across different industries, we deliver value right from the start and lead the development process towards success.

At Codete, we always tailor our services to your business needs and focus on realizing your vision a reality from the idea through the MVP and prototype to the final product, be it a web application or a cross-platform mobile app. Our process is fully transparent, and you’ll get updated about the project’s progress on a daily basis. Hire our team and build an app that takes your business to the next level.

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Our software developers can help you in:

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Combining backend and frontend development services
We have many years of experience in selecting the best technological stack for backend architectures and the frontend development of your app, whether it's Android, iOS, or a web browser. To achieve that, our backend development services usually focus on preparing a dataflow design, a prototype, and all the other key backend components. We can support your application with modern cloud-native solutions, specialized tools for communication between databases, expert underlying infrastructure, and robust security components. All of that is captured in an intuitive management environment.
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As a leading online store for furniture and home accessories, Home24 serves thousands of customers in seven European countries. We helped the e-commerce giant optimize its technology stack and provided backend, frontend, and mobile support. 

The complementary skills of our three dedicated software development teams provide a broad spectrum of support. Our developers were – and to some extent still are – responsible for key elements in the client’s technology process. We have already helped Home24 develop an automated testing platform for the backend, and we continue to support them in the frontend and mobile technology processes.

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Technologies in use

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