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Research and development services for your digital success

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Growth is the ultimate goal of any ambitious business. To stay ahead of the game, modern companies must constantly be on the lookout for new ways to expand their offerings to better meet the needs of their customers. Whether you’re searching for some fresh product or feature ideas or exploring business opportunities, Codete’s experts can provide you with research and development activities, including analysis, bespoke product development strategies, or even help to design and develop your minimum viable product (MVP) from start to finish.

Digital success

Enterprise digitalization is at the heart of our offering. We have the expertise and hands-on experience to assist your company in digital transformation by helping you embark on your digital journey or take another step on your path to success. Our specialist teams are here to support your core business processes with data-driven solutions. We have provided research and development services to several clients, including brands like Porsche.

Digital transformation

Business consulting on demand, research and development reinforcement, or a full R&D team at your service – whatever your needs are, we’re flexible and ready to work with you on your terms. We typically start the cooperation with our clients with a research and development audit to identify the challenges and opportunities for their project. The data we gather in this process leads us to deliver a proof of concept (POC) for the proposed solution. We ensure that we are aligned with our client’s business objectives and communicate with their subject-matter experts throughout the whole process.

Data-driven future

Are you ready to enter the era of digital innovation? Let our team of trusted research and development specialists and machine learning, data science, and big data engineers support and innovate your development process. No guesswork, only data-driven solutions. Reach out to us anytime for R&D audit, consulting, and implementation services.

At Codete, we form hand-picked teams to address exact needs of our customers and provide the R&D services they need. Whether it's testing, developing a new idea, conducting a thorough audit or improving IT business processes – we are ready to help you. Let our IT experts compose a well-fitted team for your requirements, so you can focus solely on your growth.

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Our research and development services can help you in:

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Enterprise audit
Codete’s R&D services always begin with a thorough audit. Knowing all of your company's strengths and weaknesses is a necessary first step in creating a roadmap for future growth. We use our expertise in data science to gather all critical business information, and then identify key opportunities to optimize and grow your business. Along the way, we’ll stay in touch with your internal industry experts – to incorporate their insights into our findings and ensure full transparency and smooth communication.
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Data flows everywhere and making use of it can bring great business advantages. Almost every business process can be optimized based on the data collected, but to measure the results, you need to apply a set of metrics. To generate these, you need to store and process the data to find meaningful patterns. 

Finding patterns and predicting outcomes based on the data you collected – that’s exactly what machine learning was designed to do.

During our collaboration with Porsche, we came up with the idea of creating converters that allow reusing older, already proven, and taught machine learning models, and adapting them for new technologies. The concept revolves around writing a fully functional converter that creates a completely new model in a different language or with newer machine learning libraries.

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Technologies in use

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