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Automotive software development services to drive your business to digital success

Drive the future

Be a part of the digital revolution by implementing automotive software development services and making the most of the data you have. Codete IT consultants, software engineers, and data scientists are here to assist your company in accelerating growth, reducing risks, and cutting costs. Our automotive skill set has evolved over more than a decade of our presence in the global marketplace through numerous collaborations with companies of all sizes. With over 350 IT talents on board, we believe we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals and gain a competitive advantage using trending technologies.

The right lane

The automotive industry is a field of groundbreaking research and innovative technologies. Whether you are a disruptive startup or an established company, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a wide range of services, from audit and consulting to software development, support, and maintenance. As a rule, we provide our clients with bespoke automotive software development services, fully adjusted to their specific needs and based on an understanding of their business perspective.

Experience-powered teams

At Codete, we have over a hundred experienced software developers, and more than half of them are senior-level specialists. But our amazing team also includes data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, UX/UI designers, quality assurance specialists, and DevOps engineers. We are well equipped to provide you with a team of dedicated professionals to work as a standalone external IT department or as an extension of your tech team to speed up your software development process. But if you prefer, we can take charge of the entire development process from start to finish and deliver a custom application for you.

Strong automotive insight

As for our portfolio, we’ve worked with global automotive industry leaders like BMW and Porsche. We have implemented several enhancements to their processes, analytics systems, and infrastructure, using technologies like Spark, Hadoop, WebSphere MQ, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, and beyond. Reach out to us and see what we can do for your business.

​​At Codete, we create comprehensive IT solutions to provide a full set of services to satisfy the exact needs of our automotive clients. Whether you’re aiming at improving security in your existing app, bringing a new product to the market or adding new features to your platform – we are ready to help you. Let our IT experts analyze the potential of your improvements and suggest the optimal development plan to mitigate the risks.

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Why should you utilize software development in automotive?

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Instant access to technical expertise
Codete’s dedicated software development specialists mean more resources, more capacity, and more expertise for your business. Our automotive software development teams are fully flexible and scalable, ready to adapt to changing needs. We offer clear terms of collaboration, fast onboarding, and quick access to professionals with relevant business expertise and data science specialists – so you can focus on gaining a competitive edge in the automotive industry.All that by simply using automotive software development services.
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Data flows everywhere and making use of it can bring great business advantages. Almost every business process can be optimized based on the data collected, but to measure the results, you need to apply a set of metrics. To generate these, you need to store and process the data to find meaningful patterns. 

Finding patterns and predicting outcomes based on the data you collected – that’s exactly what machine learning was designed to do.

During our collaboration with Porsche, we came up with the idea of creating converters that allow reusing older, already proven, and taught machine learning models, and adapting them for new technologies. The concept revolves around writing a fully functional converter that creates a completely new model in a different language or with newer machine learning libraries.

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Technologies in use

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