Automotive Software Solutions

Codete software developers and big data scientists teams support automotive industry Clients. Our dedicated IT engineers overcome the vertical's inherent digitalization issues with innovative software solutions for cost and risk reduction. Codete provides bespoke full tech stack solutions and consultancy services in big data fields - data gathering, processing, and analytics – usual requirements of smart transportation - for logistics & supply chain optimization.

Codete delivers software products and services for the automotive industry – a field of groundbreaking research and innovative technologies research, development and applications. For smart transportation industry Clients, dedicated software development teams offer flexible and innovative automotive solutions, machine learning technologies and software engineering services for connected vehicle infrastructure. Core automotive skill set is founded on an internal Codete R&D department and our experts. Senior or lead level IT engineers with vast experience in the smart transportation industry and data science academics comprise the core of any dedicated nearshore development team assigned to a particular project. Codete offers a targeted tech-stack development and consultancy services for automotive Clients, including data architecture and analysis. Project-dedicated development team operates as a standalone external IT department, with all the necessary skills already on board – data science, software architecture design, mobile/web development, QA testing, graphics, and UI/UX design. For the creation of the future of the automotive industry, Codete makes use of battle-proven technologies like Spark, Hadoop, WebSphere MQ, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow and beyond.

What you can gain
Flexible partnership
You get more resources, more capacity and more expertise from Codete's dedicated teams. Our automotive software development task forces are fully flexible and scalable, offering clear collaboration terms, fast onboarding process, and adjustable-team-size, round-the-clock access to professionals with business expertise and data science specialists.
Full technical crew mobility
Codete operates either as an independent, cross-functional, project-dedicated team or as a loose collective of various experts joining an already existing team - whatever's currently most useful. Our professionals collaborate on-site or off-site, depending on the Client's needs at the moment.
End-to-end product delivery
Codete's capacity to take over the product ownership entirely or support specific project phases means that versatile dedicated teams with in-depth business-relevant expertise close at hand can kick in at any time, on any stage – from audit, business goals understanding, through conceptualization and design, development, testing, and to product deployment phase.

Success story


BMW stands for 100 years of perfection spread across automotive industry. The brand is following latest trends not only in terms of manufacturing and design but also digital innovations.

We are involved in the cooperation with Deloitte spin-off project for the automotive industry leader. Project demands required from us an expert knowledge in very specific tech-stack including and scientific approach to the data architecture and analysis, Our internal R&D department work close together with the BMW on clients side and Deloitte as our partner in the project.


The goal of the project is to track the vehicles produced by the customer, on their way from the factory to the car dealers. Each car sends the frequent messages with it’s current position and state of the sensors. These data needs to be matched with the detailed information about the vehicle, which is stored in another system. The number of incoming messages is planned to be very high, so all the processing is done by the distributed architecture, using state-of-the-art Big Data tools.