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Healthtech Software Development services

Nearly every industry has already become a part of the digital transformation, and healthcare is no different. Modern technology can revolutionize the whole medical sector and change the lives of millions of healthcare professionals and patients for the better. Pairing your industry insights with our expertise in developing innovative software on the one hand, and data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence on the other — we can bring the change about together. If you have an idea for a healthcare app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for IT consulting or our bespoke software services. Let's build a life-changing product together!

We not only have the know-how but also experience in delivering secure software solutions for the healthcare industry. For example, our software developers together with our machine learning and data science experts have designed and implemented digital tools for gathering and analyzing patients’ data on their essential vital parameters to improve their day-to-day care plans. We’ve also provided health institutions with digital infrastructure for communication between medical care providers.

Codete’s dedicated teams of engineers have all it takes to deliver high-end healthtech solutions. Our specialist can assist you in the development process from start to finish — from the research and conceptualization stage, through development, to quality assurance and maintenance. If you prefer opting for custom software development instead of team extension, we’ve got you covered too. We’ll build your app from scratch and successfully deploy it, acting as your sole product owner and developer. We’re eager to aid you with our consulting or support and maintenance services as well. Whatever you need! We offer bespoke software services packages.

Regardless of your company’s size or location, we’ll be happy to discuss your project and advise you on the best technological solutions to achieve your objectives. We’re focused on building long-term business relationships and we take pride in our flexibility. We’re always willing to adjust to our client’s particular needs, their company culture and project management style, and the changing circumstances. We have successfully cooperated with big and small companies from across the globe, from many different industries, on-site and remotely. Let’s transform healthcare together!

Our Healthtech Software Developers can support you with:

Secure healthtech solutions

Codete delivers top-performing and fully scalable software solutions employing trending data security technologies and maintaining the highest security standards. We never compromise on data safety. Especially in healthtech projects, we put a lot of emphasis on user privacy and data security — we apply proven security measures and thorough quality assurance procedures to make sure all sensitive information remains safe. Our apps are 100% data secure and HIPAA compliant.

Cutting-edge technologies

We’re a team of IT professionals passionate about their jobs. We follow the latest technological trends and are not afraid to go the extra mile to achieve better results. There are over 150 specialists at Codete, fluent in all the trending programming languages and frameworks. We have knowledge in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science as well. You can trust us with choosing the best tech stack for your healthtech project.

Health industry-relevant know-how

Codete’s decade-long experience in the software development market encompasses numerous projects for worldwide companies from many business verticals. We have participated in building several healthcare applications, including a mobile app for patients to assist them in taking proper care of their health, and a cloud-based solution for conducting medical studies to get a clearer picture of heart diseases.

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Case Study

Cardiac App

We’ve been helping a well-established medical university to develop a healthtech solution that would allow them to get a clearer picture of heart diseases. Our development team is delivering a mobile application for iOS. The app is based on the ResearchKit framework, open-source software from Apple that enables medical researchers to enroll research participants and gather meaningful data.


With the app, the researchers can better understand heart diseases by analyzing filled out surveys and by monitoring the participant’s physical activities, collecting their daily health and motion data, and their genetic data. But there’s profit for everyone — in turn, the participants can gain greater insight into the factors that can cause heart diseases.

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