Healthtech Solutions

Codete delivers high-end, bespoke HealthTech software solutions. Dedicated healthcare technology development teams devise, design, develop, support and consult in the area of web & mobile applications for the healthcare industry digitalization and research. Codete delivers innovative tools for essential vital parameters data gathering and analytics, physical activity and/or sleep patterns, etc., offering a digital breakthrough in health awareness and lifestyle change recommendations. For healthcare industry entities Codete provides a significant improvement by means of innovative HealthTech digital infrastructure, which features facilitate communication between medical care providers, clinicians, doctors, nurses. For patients, innovative technology improves their day-to-day care plans following rate and supports a variety of critical wellness goals achieving, i.e. chronic illness management, the process of recovery from an injury or surgery.

Codete HealthTech solutions are fully scalable. User privacy and data security are always our extra focus areas, hence rigorous and thorough QA and testing standards. Codete launches custom projects from scratch, becoming the sole product owner and developer, or participates as a support, providing upgrades, reviews, pivots or consults about already existing HealthTech solutions.

What you can gain
Bespoke HealthTech solutions
Codete delivers fully scalable and highly efficient software solutions, employing trending data security technologies – always tailored to the Client's specific business and/or research goals and needs.
Cutting-edge technologies
Codete experts develop, apply, employ and consult about the latest groundbreaking technological innovations of significance for HealthTech.
Health industry-relevant know-how
Codete provides integral expert insights into the healthcare industry and services, offered by dedicated Team members with industry-specific knowledge, as well as an overall Codete teams' experience of developing entire HealthTech projects.

Success story

LifeMap Solutions

LifeMap Solutions develops innovative digital health apps to deliver digital health solutions that empower patients to make better choices to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Our team was responsible mainly for development and testing, but also took part in the planning process, estimates workload and had an impact on the decisions regarding technology stack. Codete Team took part of both, on-going projects and projects that were started from scratch. In both specialists were responsible for development and testing, planning process, estimates workload and had an impact on the decisions regarding technology stack. We ensured ongoing support adding new features and impacting critical technology related decisions.


Customer required supreme level of mobile development and quality assurance skills which Codete delivered. We became part of the technical team distributed in several locations. Such conditions required special attention to project planning and communication. It was crucial for the client to find reliable partner who will take full ownership for particular part of the process. We were able to complete and maintain autonomous team of mobile development and QA dedicated for the client along whole successful relationship.