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Cardiac Healthcare Application


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Mobile application for improving medical
research in cardiac healthcare

In general, the purpose of medical research studies is to improve our health and the quality of our lives. The goal is to learn how our bodies work, why we get sick, and what we can do to get and stay well. Each study aims to expand our knowledge of a given medical condition and tries to answer specific questions. Cardiac health research is conducted to gain a better insight into the human heart, understand its diseases, and discover ways to prevent them. We’re proud to have partnered with a medical university to build an application to make it easier.

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Challenge:Recruiting the right people for medical research

Nowadays, we have technology in our pocket. By using appropriate mobile frameworks and tools, medical researchers can enroll participants around the world and gather meaningful data a lot easier. To researchers, having the opportunity to conduct a medical study via a mobile app means more participants and more information. As most people have their mobile phones at hand most of the time, the researchers can collect data much more frequently and, in consequence, discover correlations that were simply not possible to discover before.

The biggest challenge for medical researchers is usually to recruit participants on a larger scale using the reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure. Another challenge is to ensure providing feedback to the participants to keep them more engaged in the study. Such was the case in our project.

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Solution:A secure, foolproof iOS app for storing sensitive clinical data

A medical university with the help of Codete develops a healthtech solution to create a clearer picture of heart diseases. Our team focuses on developing a mobile application for the iOS platform.

The application is based on the ResearchKit framework, open-source software from Apple that lets medical researchers recruit participants and gather meaningful data. It helps them to better understand heart diseases by analyzing surveys, monitoring people’s motion and health data like daily steps, active minutes, or sleep patterns. There’s a profit for everyone: in return, the participants gain greater insight into the factors that can cause heart diseases and can alter their lifestyle to prevent them.


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