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Cloud computing & DevOps services for digital transformation

The future lies in the cloud

Cloud services are at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives happening across practically every sector. They're the driver of change but also its most powerful enabler. They can transform your business at the level of your infrastructure, as well as products and services. The complete integration of your systems enabled by the cloud computing services offers an opportunity for taking your business to the next level – whether it's by integrating and automating big data analytics, launching an innovative Internet of Things project, or integrating development and operations teams.

Cloud transformation

Our cloud computing services help your company take full advantage of everything cloud technologies have to offer. We know the ins and outs of cloud migrations and will move your business to the cloud smoothly and risk-free. Our experts know how to select the best Platform-as-a-Service and public cloud services on the market like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. All to help you reach your key business goals with more scalability and flexibility, cost reductions, automated updates, and easy access to services on the go.

DevOps solutions

How to build reliable and scalable digital products that boost your business? Start using devops services. Modern organizations integrate their development and operations teams together to achieve continuous delivery and integrate their daily workflows. Our experienced devops engineers use the best industry practices to automate software deployment models, optimize cloud storage, streamline the development process with a smooth CI/CD pipeline, and cherry-pick the best cloud computing services for our clients.

Comprehensive service

Our software developers and IT operations specialists together deliver digital products that meet the set requirement and deploy them safely to production. But that's not everything. Our teams also monitor the performance of these solutions and step in to provide immediate support when required. We approach cloud services and challenges holistically and offer cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions.

At Codete, we customize our services packages to address the needs of our clients and provide the services they need. Whether it's helping with one task, delivering a set of DevOps services, or leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service – our IT teams are ready to help you. Let our cloud computing specialists take the reins and bring your business where it needs to be: the leading edge of your industry.

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Our cloud computing specialists can help you in:

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Our challenge was to deliver an improved web application to help easily find, compare and sign up for thousands of language courses and study programs. The main requirement our client had was to increase the overall performance of their platform and implement many enhancements, including SEO improvements.

We put a lot of focus on adapting the existing development process to the specific project lifecycle. Codete’s goal was to take our client’s platform to the next level, finalize the delivery of the product, and ultimately – bring the final success to the promising startup.

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Technologies in use

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Michał Krzysztof
Sales Director
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Aleksey Narko
Business Development Manager

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