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Language International is a worldwide language courses service.

The platform enables students to search and pay for language courses, and book and pay for accommodation. It also features an intranet for schools with a useful administration panel.

“Since we started working with them, our traffic has roughly doubled. We get a lot of unpaid search traffic, and that’s definitely something they’ve helped us with.”
– Michael Reich, Co-Founder, Language International

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Challenge:Thorough performance consulting

Codete was hired for performance consulting. Language International was facing serious problems related to performance and stability. Pages were taking a very long time to load, and when excess traffic was encountered, the application was frequently failing. The existing server architecture was unable to handle the application, and it was extremely costly. There were no emergency procedures in the case of the application becoming unresponsive.


Assembling a list of improvements

Page and server architecture were audited to determine the most crucial bottlenecks in the application. Application source code was evaluated precisely to identify any possibilities for improvement. As a result of the audit, a list of suggested improvements was formed and a plan of implementation was established.

For our performance and stability audit, Codete’s domain experts were delegated to deliver their experience from similar projects. Our team consisted mainly of senior backend developers and server/database specialists.


Dedicated team for better performance

Our client needed a development team to improve project stability and performance and introduce new desired features. The daily duties of the team working in the Scrumban methodology are the development and implementation of functionalities designed by the client. Prior to development, we have a brainstorming session in which key functionalities, necessary technologies, libraries, and optimal functionality implementations are discussed. Our expert team is managed internally with a team leader as the first point of contact. As the client doesn’t have anyone technical on-site, they needed technical web application experts to suggest efficient and working solutions.

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Solution:Improved online performance & user experience

An expert cross-functional team with a team leader was formed, comprising backend developers, full-stack programmers, and DevOps. We worked with responsive methodologies, ensuring short cycles of reaction time in a rapidly moving market. Emergency procedures were employed, which allowed reducing our response time to just one hour when the application goes offline. 

We made the application more efficient by using load balancing, query cache, xCache, and Memcache templates, optimizing legacy code, and changing the server environment. Currently, the website is 3 times faster and available to customers of all nationalities. We also helped transfer cost optimization by introducing additional payment systems. The interface is now user-friendly, intuitive, attractive, and comes with new functionalities and promotions. The WWW server was switched to NGINX for increasing the site loading speed.


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