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UI/UX design services to help you build unique and user-friendly digital products

Capture the market with a unique product design

When it comes to building successful digital products, design is a critical feature that determines success in the market. Every development team needs skilled product designers capable of delivering innovative UI for mobile and web solutions. But design is more than the look of your app. It’s about building a smooth user experience. And you can achieve that by aligning business analysis with distinctive visual identity and knowledge of UI/UX design principles. Codete design experts are here to provide you with a full range of user experience design services to make your product accessible, functional, and captivating.

Experienced team

Thanks to an experienced team of UX/UI and graphic designers, we’re a one-stop product development company. We know how to guide the development process from the initial concept to the ready-made solution that looks and feels just right. Our team has experience in providing UX design services for brands across various industries. When building your app with us, you don’t need to waste time and resources on managing multiple contractors – you get one team delivering everything you need.

Market research

How to tell whether a design engages your target audience? To ensure that your app’s look and feel works to your advantage, our UI design services include conducting market research and testing your design with user groups at different stages of development. We also closely examine your business goals, target audiences, product strategy, and requirements. Our UX designers constantly strive to understand how users will interact with your app to create in-depth documentation for graphic and UI designers so they create captivating interfaces.

Proven process

Our team has fine-tuned its process over the years and developed a winning combination of research, analysis, and delivery. A UX researcher usually starts with an in-depth market analysis to understand your target audience better and make sure that your visual design is in line with key industry trends. As we move from discovery to testing, our team delivers a full cycle of UX design services that ensure your app becomes indispensable to users, transforming them into loyal customers.

Are you ready to build a product that will take the market by storm? Let our team of experienced UX/UI designers lead your company to success. Reach out to us and make sure that your app attracts the attention of your audience. Get expert UX/UI design services that will take your digital product to the next level.

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Our product design experts can help you in:

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UI/UX design
Your app might look great, but if it delivers a poor user experience design, it’s not going to help you win the market. Our team leverages the best UI/UX design practices to develop designs that provide a streamlined, accessible, and easy-to-use experience to your app’s users. The UX design research we carry out at the beginning of the process generates a host of insights our product designer and graphic designers can use when developing the final look of your app’s user interface. Reflecting the key user needs in your app’s design is a sure-fire path to success in this highly competitive market.
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The Courtyard Suite Dreams Contest project was a competition associated with the world-famous NFL Super Bowl. Our client needed an experienced development team to create a system for tracking competition-related posts on Instagram and Twitter and then presenting them on a webpage that also included the rules, tasks, and results of the competition.

Codete has directly handled the technical aspects and processes of the project. We implemented a solution for downloading competition-related content from Instagram and Twitter at appropriate intervals, developed an intuitive admin panel and delivered a website for the contest. Our team relied mainly on PHP and Symfony 2.

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Technologies in use

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