Media & Entertainment IT Solutions

Codete is a trusted technology partner for a number of media & entertainment industry leaders. We provide innovative, dedicated software platforms and specific solutions for the showbiz and media-related verticals.

Codete supports the industry's leading brands by providing bespoke software solutions, devised to satisfy specific business needs and developed with state-of-the-art technologies. By delivering world-class IT solutions, Codete boosts our Clients' competitiveness and contribute to their success.

Over the years, Codete has been delivering in-depth technological consulting and development services to a wide variety of media & entertainment projects, especially those related to custom CMS solutions, augmented reality, user behavior analysis, inventory management, reporting & analytics, advertising, chatbots, artificial intelligence, social sharing and beyond.

What you can gain
Revenue Maximization
Fully reliable technologies for a comprehensive backend, frontend, SDK and core products' features development, employing technologies such as RoR, Scala, Android, iOS for a complete, effective SDLC, robust testing and timely delivery, all guaranteeing the cost-effective digital marketing platform to satisfy Clients' evolving business needs.
Software scalability & performance
Teams of dedicated IT engineers are always supported with an additional expert, overseeing the SDLC process from the particular key Client’s business perspective. In the long run, intensive partnership, the Client's business perspective is being deeply understood, which results in an increased consulting precision - the partnership becomes a steady source of added value for the Client, be it a corporation or most demanding, rapidly expanding, disruptive startup.
A Trusted Partner
Dedicated teams of IT engineers implement a full flexibility model of collaboration. Dedicated team' members, recruited in the course of a strict process of relevant technologies skill verification can at any time be called off due to required team size adjustments or change in scope of the activities. For engineering's flexibility, senior developers conduct custom R&D projects, in order to establish the most effective technological solution to tackle particular challenges.

Success story


With 1,000 hotels in 42 countries, the Courtyard is everywhere today’s traveler needs—or wants to be. This project was about a video contest, related to the world renowned NFL Super Bowl.

The client needed an experienced development team to create a system which would allow tracking of Instagram and Tweeter posts, assimilating content related to the contest in addition to a page to present rules, conditions and results. The processes and technical aspects of the project were directly handled by Codete. The downloading of Instagram and Tweeter posts at appropriate time intervals coupled with an administration panel which allows the estimation of downloaded posts and web pages for people taking part in the quiz in addition to website time placed associated content (4 quiz stages + voting + score counting + scores). Facebook and Tweeter share was also applied to this competition website.


Expert PHP developers were assigned to this project, with management supervision to establish the development process. It is an ingeniously simple site that exactly meets the client’s needs. We chose the following effective solutions: (php / symfony 2) for quick and efficient results corresponding to the client’s objectives.
The Graphic design was worked and reworked. It was necessary to understand the best design of individual subpages as requirements concerning functionality were uncertain and required further analysis and clarification from the client. The project was divided into 5 stages over 3 weeks and enabled us to run new version of the website.