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At Codete, we know how important it is to understand our client’s business perspectives and the specifics of their business domain. If you’re searching for a fintech software development company with a proven track record of successful digital projects for the crypto/financial industry, you've come to the right place. We have an extended experience in fintech software development  – in our decade-plus in the market, we have partnered with several finance-related companies such as Spotcap, Broker Genius, Wells Fargo, and Raisin. This gives us a good understanding of this field and a lot of practical knowledge that we’re ready to use for your competitive advantage.

Process-based approach

We always build products based on thorough preliminary research, focusing on understanding our client’s business goals and the characteristics of their market. This is critical to successful fintech software development that meets both our partners’ and their customers’ expectations. With our already accumulated knowledge of the financial sector and your invaluable insights, combined with our technical expertise, we are fully equipped to deliver your next software solution for managing investments, insurance, loans... and beyond.

Industry experience

Codete’s fintech software development services portfolio includes many innovative projects. For example, we have been involved in the development of software for professional stock investors that allows the study of correlations between factors by examining the relationships between markets and stock price fluctuations. We have also participated in the development of a web and mobile application for anyone who owns or wants to own an investment portfolio. The app handles all the processes of portfolio management online. From creating your investment portfolio based on individual mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, or stocks, to analyzing and monitoring risks and returns – and much more.

Made-to-measure team

We offer fintech software development services ranging from IT consulting to custom software development to bolstering our clients’ teams with dedicated software developers who understand frontend, backend, and mobile technologies and frameworks. We also have QA and DevOps engineers on board, as well as machine learning and data science experts. If you’re ready for your new fintech project, get in touch with us – and we’ll create a custom software service package for your business.

At Codete, we create custom fintech software solutions to provide a full set of services to satisfy the exact needs of our fintech clients. Whether you’re aiming at improving security in your existing app, bringing a new finance product to the market, or adding new features to your platform – we are ready to help you. Let our IT experts analyze the potential of your improvements and suggest the optimal development plan to mitigate the risks.

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Relevant hands-on experience
For more than a decade, we have been supporting financial companies of all sizes with our IT expertise and bespoke fintech software development. Our agile teams, consisting of experienced professionals who are always on top of the latest disruptive technological innovations, are the perfect choice for any fintech startup or scaleup to efforts to disrupt the market. At the same time, financial institutions and larger companies may be interested in our fintech “building blocks” – easily deployable platforms built by our dedicated software developers that are suitable for any company that would rather build their next financial product in-house than buy it.
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B4 Investigate, as a fintech company, focuses on increasing IT awareness through proprietary technology and methods, as well as conducting training on financial harm and fraud detection. The company chose to take another step forward and broaden its offering with a unique, highly-specialized web platform (SaaS – System as a Service) after successfully giving financial fraud detection help to its customers through a desktop program.

This application will help business owners in locating evidence of criminal activity within their businesses. It will also be accessible immediately via a web browser. B4 Investigate sought Codete's assistance in developing the web solution that will aid in the detection of frauds.


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