Travel & Hospitality Software Development

Codete delivers bespoke, high-end technological solutions for travel & hospitality industry. Our in-depth industry-relevant business expertise makes digital products designed and developed by Codete always deeply embedded in the context of Client's specific business goals and needs. Hospitality businesses benefit from made-by-Codete comprehensive websites powered by independent CMS and PMS-based solutions, offering features including an efficient reservation system, hotel properties management and website content management with SEO tools support.

Codete employs only proven and innovative technologies to deliver top software for hospitality & travel industry entities. Dedicated software development team selects technologies with a record of successful applications in hospitality & travel industry's specific areas, such as RESTful API for front-end and backend integration and easier mobile app development; other technologies used are primarily Symfony as a PHP framework and Angular on the front-end. AWS and cloud computing application allows final product full scalability. With an end-user in mind, Codete provides UX/UI specialists, who ensure that the visual side of the final digital product supports user conversion with design clarity and aesthetical appeal. Codete developers comply with well-established design trends, using e.g. microservices and Single Page Application approach, Google Material design standard, customized so that the commissioned software is perfectly tailored to the Client's specific needs.

Codete offers bespoke travel & hospitality digital infrastructure solutions built from scratch, such as independent travel platforms, dedicated travel solutions, hotel price comparison systems, systems for booking or room prices management, and beyond.

What you can gain
Business-needs-tailored travel platform
By applying backend and front-end solutions, Codete delivers highly performing and usable digital travel & hospitality product. Focusing on designing cross-platform user-friendly, UX-perfected apps, Codete dedicated design and development teams boost the Client's online conversion rate.
Dedicated Product Development Team
Codete dedicated software development teams are fully flexible and scalable, always comprising of experts with suitable business and full tech stack expertise. Depending on current needs, teams can upgrade or downgrade the number of team members.
Comprehensive product development
In digital travel & hospitality product - being built from scratch, close collaboration with the Client is a must. Codete development teams always begin with and rely on a thorough understanding of the business context, conceptualization, seeing it through until the final product delivery.

Success story

Leonardo Hotels

Leonardo Hotels, a part of Fattal Hotel chain, an Israeli hospitality tycoon, hosting guests in its over 190 resorts, located in 17 countries around the world.

Codete serves as an IT partner for Leonardo Hotels, a brand owned by Fattal Hotel Chain, a global hospitality business leader. Our aim, as business digitalization partner, was to identify and remove any and all of the business growth liabilities by providing custom digital tools, mainly optimizing the digital booking funnel, and giving a substantial bump to the official business website competitiveness by working on its UX/UI.


In order to identify the business process obstacles underpinning and causing low growth and poor scalability, preventing Leonardo from effective competing in the global market, we ran a meticulous audit, lead by dedicated Development Center members with business expertise. The findings pointed mostly at the main page usability issues, which rendered it as a poor competitor to the third-party travel and hospitality aggregators. We crafted a roadmap of business and respective digitalization goals, highlighting the most urgent ones. We came up with an array of possible solutions across all levels of Leonardo's digital infrastructure that integrated UX and UI improvements, as well as front-end and backend code review and optimization. Following iterations of designing, consultation, robust testing and assessment phases, our Development Center engineers rolled out the full technological stack of all necessary updates, engendering a permanent digital booking funnel unblock. A brand-new, dedicated booking website engine was the sales funnel optimization mainspring. Our bespoke software replaced the former, generic solutions, which had been impeding the growth potential of the Leonardo Hotel website. The digitalization allowed full, customizable booking process automation - the feature crucial for Leonardo's growth strategy.