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Advertising and Marketing Software Development services

Many marketers already know that technology can step up the game of any company in the advertisement and marketing business and boost promo efforts in literally every sector. This business has easily adapted modern digital tools, and perhaps — this makes it a little more difficult for ads and marketing agencies to stand out from the competition. But Codete’s IT consultants are here to advise you on the best ways to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and our skilled teams of designers, software developers, and QA and DevOps engineers are eager to deliver adtech and martech software that will help you achieve your business goals.

All of the digital products that we build for or with our partners are driven by their business objectives, and the scope of our services is flexible and always tailored to their particular needs. No unnecessary functionalities, no wild guesses — only features justified by your goals and industry insights, and based on in-depth research. We can support you with our technological consulting services, extend your IT department with our seasoned software engineers, create a custom digital product for you, or establish an entire software development center to take over all of your IT processes.

Codete can help you in building or expanding your tools for advertising, marketing automation, or tracking and gathering data. We’ll empower your business with technological solutions for collecting information that will enable you to turn the visitors on your website or in your application into sales opportunities, optimize your advertising campaigns, and save time and money on your marketing processes by automating them. And if you have an idea for a game-changing app or platform for advertising, marketing, or monetization — we’ll be happy to turn your vision into reality!

As a company present on the global IT market for over 10 years, Codete has experience in working with companies of all sizes, coming from a wide variety of industries. In the advertising and marketing business vertical, we’ve partnered with companies like Fyber, Broker Genius, NFL, Comcast, or Webtrekk — among others. Our teams are agile and easily scalable, we’re open to adjusting to our client’s project management style and their company culture, and we always aim at full transparency and smooth communication.

Our Advertising and Marketing Software Developers can help you in:

Implementing modern technologies

Technology is what we’re best at! Codete’s engineers will use their tech know-how to bring your advertising or marketing platform to the next level with comprehensive backend, front-end, and mobile solutions. We have over 150 specialists on board, fluent in PHP, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, NODE.js, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Kotlin — and many other trending programming languages and frameworks.

Bespoke software solutions

Flexibility is in our DNA. We can adjust to changing circumstances and our client’s current needs on the fly in order to provide them with the software services they need to achieve their goals. Whether it’s about scaling our team of dedicated software developers, providing our partner with an additional set of skills from our specialists, or altering the scope of the project — we’re on it.

Achieving business growth

Our comprehensive IT services and hands-on experience in advertising and marketing software development combined with our client-first approach are always coupled with the client’s industry insights. Before we act, we listen — we make sure to understand our partner’s business perspective to be able to provide them with the optimal solutions for their project.

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Case Study


Fyber’s digital product is targeted at app and games developers who want to monetize their applications by swift and simple integration with ads providers. This is an ongoing project in which we have taken over maintenance, but also added several new features to our client’s mobile app, in the end becoming a substantial part of the company’s IT department.


Our team has been responsible for a variety of areas surrounding the project, such as: mobile development, team management, writing and preparing documentation for the app’s users, creating new integrations with advertisers, and the maintenance of existing integrations (e.g. updating and fixing them).

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