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codete shift left testing what it is and why it matters main jpg 8d9aea5e57

Software testing is a key part of delivering high-quality products. It serves as the quality and reliability gatekeeper. However, the traditional approach of testing at the end of the development cycle could be more efficient. Shift-left testing ensures testing earlier in the development process, improves team collaboration and overall software quality.

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codete responsible ai all you need to know about ai regulation main 7a32f4eb1f

Unquestionably, AI is a superpower, and as such, it should be treated with the utmost care, caution, and thought. Regulating artificial intelligence – including its algorithms, systems, and tools – and improving AI ethics and governance can assist in combating the challenges it may bring on the one hand while also increasing public acceptance of it on the other.

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codete protect your business from recession with technology main 372de5c9bc

Rainy days come and go, and there is no way to avoid the economic downturn. Any economy will experience a recession eventually, but fortunately, there are ways that can shield your company from it, at least to a certain extent. Some of them are technology-based. Learn more about the technological possibilities for effective recession protection.

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Agile Metrics We Love (and Hope You Will Too)

szymon golebiewski fddea345a4
Maria Skrzypek 647fee12c6

06/07/2023 |

16 min read

Szymon V. Gołębiewski,

Maria Skrzypek

codete agile metrics we love main 2226d4fe74

Since the beginning of time, the rational mind and the emotional heart have greatly influenced people's behavior. Because they propose diametrically opposite methods of resolving the same issue, we are frequently obliged to choose a side. But what if the heart and the brain can work together to find a solution? Let's see how this could work with agile metrics.

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Codete Captured Berlin at CoMeet 2023

Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

29/06/2023 |

4 min read

Dominika Mizerska

codete captured berlin at comeet 2023 main 2a4dc43335

It was good to welcome the tech crowd once more at CoMeet! After the pandemic break, we finally got to meet on June 22nd in Berlin. The event's tagline for this year was "Powering Profitability in the Digital Age."

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codete the importance of identity verification financial services main e9dc4148fd

In this post, we'll talk about the critical role that identity verification plays in the digital age and how important it is to keep an eye on customer risk. Along with basic identity verification regulations, such KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification, some of the most intriguing digital identity verification techniques will be discussed.

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