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Read the interview with employees working at Codete for years. Check what makes the company the best place to work, develop, and make relations. We talked with Aleksander Lurie (Senior Frontend Developer) and Andrzej Mikulewicz (Senior Software Engineer) about the most exciting projects in their careers, plans for the future, and, of course, a few insights from the company.

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Rust vs Python: What Are the Differences?

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10/11/2022 |

6 min read

Piotr Wawryka,

Dominika Reszke

codete Rust vs Python What Are the Differences main 342fb891ca

When comparing Python with Rust, you must keep in mind that while they are unquestionably different, they are not always worlds apart. The fact that their use cases occasionally overlap is one of the reasons they are frequently discussed together and juxtaposed.

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Product Vision Workshop – How To Run It?

Dawid Pacholczyk 3622ceab56

09/11/2022 |

11 min read

Dawid Pacholczyk

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Verifying your digital product idea, selecting the optimal technology solutions, and planning the resources required to turn your vision into reality are the best things that can be achieved during a high-end product vision workshop.

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