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We accelerate our clients growth through technological expertise and experience. We work with organizations to meet the challenges that digitalization presents. Our clients include digital start-ups as well as established enterprises in the IT industry.

To stay competitive in a highly innovative IT industry, strong R&D departments and bold spin-off initiatives is a must. Codete Data Science and Software Architects teams help corporate clients to stay up to date with the modern business digitalization solutions. Achieve up to 50% early-stage technological process development cost cutdown with science and R&D-driven investment strategy with Codete's support.
Codete dedicated software specialists – your external IT department: teams of IT engineers, or selected, dedicated specialists - the cornerstone of IT processes sourcing. Based on the clear distribution of roles and responsibilities: from the Team Leader, overseeing the workflow and being always accessible for the Client, all the way down. Codete teams are fully scalable and flexible, with our time-effective onboarding and openness to adjusting team size to the current needs on the fly. For specific needs when a team is not necessary, we can designate engineers with expertise in relevant technology. Codete's teams' well-proven soft skills are the foundation of excellent communication. Suitable PM methodology is chosen and/or modified according to a particular Client and project. We also keep paperwork to a minimum.
We establish complete technology departments to relieve customer’s organisation of all development related operations. Our best talents, with a solid understanding of business context, take over the ownership of the whole software delivery process. Critical responsibilities are distributed to our developers, engineers, testers, and analysts who maintain a permanent strong bond with the client. With support from our internal HR department, development centres can be easily scaled up or down accordingly.
Codete IT consulting service empowers Client's development teams with critical know-how for a rapid business software productivity boost. Codete IT and business experts provide tailored insight aimed at immediate and global business operations ramp-up. Codete, as an IT-for-business partner for leading companies in a variety of verticals, has excelled in productivity improvement by providing just the right tools, teamwork support, much-needed key-stakeholders-oriented visibility boosting and applying DevOps for delivery acceleration.
Codete develops Clients’ custom projects - you envision it, our IT engineers & business experts make it happen - for your business goals’ achievement. We take over the ownership of the whole digital product, offering you a flexible custom project development. Our thorough process covers all the phases of digital design and development: from the conceptualization phase through front-end and backend, up to product roll-out, together with marketing processes coordination, and regular maintenance and/or continuous support. Any Codete custom project development begins with a detailed audit, outlining the key business goals and technical requirements. With dedicated custom project development teams, comprising of experts in various fields, Codete always matches the project's uniqueness.
Codete Academy is a knowledge-transfer-oriented initiative for the global and local IT community. Internal know-how-sharing is integral to Codete's development process and we believe that this approach can, too, be beneficial to others. Our engineers bring their contribution as public speakers during multiple IT conferences and events. Codete is also proud to support local startup hubs and innovation accelerators.
We are always one step ahead
Big Data and Data Science
Codete provides expert consulting and comprehensive Big Data PoC & project development, making Client's market success possible. Dedicated teams lead by experts with a scientific approach towards Data Science sharpen group focus and ensure immediate software responsiveness.
Cloud Computing
Codete Could services - for full, interruption-free access to any software tools you need. In our Cloud service, we embrace state-of-the-art technologies to meet the modern software development standard paradigm and ensure Clients' needs are met smoothly, within the single service.
Codete provides expert consulting and development support services in blockchain technology research and implementation. Blockchain technology allows a distributed immutable data storage and currently is digital currencies' cornerstone. Find out about possible applications of this technology in your business.
Codete software development process leans on a well-established DevOps methodology, applied by our vastly-experienced and battle-proven Team Leaders. Leaders oversee and coordinate all of the digital product development process phases – planning, adjusting, implementation, etc., ensuring agile and obstruction-free SLDC.