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IT Consulting Services for Your Business

We solve your problems with technology

Modern technology is rapidly advancing. The trend toward digitalization is speeding up, and businesses that chose to wait it out have begun to feel lost in the maze of advancements. As an experienced provider of consulting services and technology advisory, we offer guidance through evaluating, selecting, and implementing digital solutions that successfully address your company's performance indicators and overall business needs.

Bigger picture alignment

Every collaboration with Codete’s consulting department begins with an in-depth examination of the client’s operations. This step requires a thorough understanding of the business processes, features, pain points, and future goals, allowing us to create a comprehensive picture of your company’s current state and assess the required improvements.

Current setup examination

We evaluate whether the level of IT risk posed by relying on your existing system is appropriate for your current growth stage. Using that knowledge, we advise what technology can boost your brand’s competitiveness. This is also the point at which we will conduct market potential research on your behalf, recommending various high-tech solutions to assist you in moving forward.

Cost-effective approach

We offer comprehensive managed IT services to organizations of all sizes, including enterprise solutions and small business IT services support. Our consultants take the time to understand your needs and make recommendations that fit within your budget. Each solution architecture we design is always accompanied by financials based on what was agreed upon during the discussion.

At Codete, we provide expert, affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your short- and long-term IT goals. Whether it's updating the technology stack, providing an implementation roadmap, or enabling seamless adoption of IT solutions, we're here to help. Let our IT experts handle your IT strategy or special projects with a customized solution to achieve your business objectives.

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The scope of our IT consulting services includes:

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Product design & prototyping
We offer product design and software prototyping services to make your product more accessible and appealing. Prototype development is a cost-effective way to identify design flaws, usability improvements, and proper function. Regardless of the stage of your idea, we can quickly create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and refined product prototypes using our in-house team and equipment to comply with regulatory requirements. As a result, we can handle all aspects of UX/UI design, from delivering a Proof of Concept to developing a Minimum Viable Product.
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B4 Investigate

B4 Investigate, as a fintech company, focuses on increasing IT awareness through proprietary technology and methods, as well as conducting training on financial harm and fraud detection. The company chose to take another step forward and broaden its offering with a unique, highly-specialized web platform (SaaS – System as a Service) after successfully giving financial fraud detection help to its customers through a desktop program.

This application will help business owners in locating evidence of criminal activity within their businesses. It will also be accessible immediately via a web browser. B4 Investigate sought Codete's assistance in developing the web solution that will aid in the detection of frauds.


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