Logistic & Transportation Services

Codete offers comprehensive services in Logistics & Transportation-related corporate business processes digitalization. Our approach combines advanced industry-relative business expertise with high-end technological savviness, which results in individual, out of the box approach to L&T challenges. Among the solutions we have already applied or suggested in order to optimize the essential business processes, like supply chain, maintenance, etc., were IoT, AI applications, and more, for corporate client.

Building on a thorough expert understanding of client’s business goals and strategy, Codete provides consulting, support or entire execution of client’s business processes digitalization. To achieve the goals, Codete develops bespoke, innovative, sustainable and scalable digital solutions founded on state-of-the-art hardware and software application, embedded in a bigger picture of client’s entire business model, therefore dealing with the challenges already present, as well as those qualified as likely to emerge in the future.

Codete teams are essentially flexible - the way the work is managed, depends on the clients’ needs. Dedicated software and hardware development teams may support and boost the development, maintenance or partial reconstruction of the already existing infrastructure, or as an auxiliary IoT R&D department, providing essential consulting and executing quality assurance testing, PoC testing, both on large and small scale.

Over years of presence on the global market, Codete has accumulated rich experience - we have cooperated with global corporations IT departments, business innovation labs, and corporate spin offs.

What you can gain
Support in digitalization
Codete supports and executes Logistics & Transportation business process digitalization. Within the scope of our consultancy lies the optimization of the existing business mechanisms with the most innovative technological means, such as IoT solutions, as well as a thorough L&T business process pivoting. Codete IT engineers with strong computer science background consult the clients and provide a comprehensive development a complete, sustainable, scalable, and effective hardware, software and business system from scratch.
Business processes automation
Codete designs and implements solutions employing the most up to date, innovative and exciting technologies - all for the sake of tackling clearly defined and particular issues of our client’s business processes. With an individually tailored expertise-driven business process optimization Codete helps its corporate clients eliminate obstacles and reduce risk, supply chain-related costs or maintenance-related outlay.
Sustainable technology partner
A fundamental cooperation framework developed by Codete implies a long-term partnership by default, allowing the teams to design and implement long-term oriented solutions, therefore ensuring the implemented tech sustainability. Business process digitization solutions by Codete, including L&T transition into digital, are designed to stay fully functional over time, easy to maintenance and open to further optimizations.

Success story


HERE is the pioneer platform allowing to unleash the unlimited potential of location intelligence.

Our client required top quality, maintainable and reliable software partner able to work in high level of mobility. Our agility and strict quality standards convinced HERE it's worth to rely on our skills. Node.js backend team joined HERE in order to speed up the development process and scale up the critical technology capacities as first integrations has been already completed on client’s side. Team structure is flat what makes it easy for each member to take care of development, QA, and to perform peer code reviews. We work closely with HERE Berlin department and ensure fast and agile onboarding of additional engineers on client’s demand.


Codete team is focused on several elements of the technology process like general Integration of the APIs, ensuring that service is meeting agreed SLAs, contacting 3rd parties to agree on the best solution and troubleshooting. We are checking if the feasibility of the 3rd party provider and afterwards the best strategy of integration is consulted with the provider. It is all covered by full implementation and quality assurance.