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Big data & data science services to unlock the potential behind your data

Worry-free data management services

Data is the new gold. It can give you priceless insight into the minds of your customers, and it has the power to transform your business from the inside as well. But to unlock its full potential, you need to know how to collect, store, segment, and use it – and that’s exactly what big data analytics solutions can do for you. Whether you want to extract the maximum amount of information from your target audience’s behavior to better address their needs, or you want to boost the performance of your digital products of any kind, Codete is the right partner for you. With various open-source data science libraries and machine learning approaches, we can support you in data quality management, discovering hidden patterns in your data and helping you become a data-driven organization.

Comprehensive experience

Over the years in the market, we have provided big data consulting services to companies of all sizes and from many business verticals. We have experience working on big data analytics and data quality management for e-commerce platforms, marketing, and advertising agencies, automotive companies, and fintech startups – among others. Our solutions provide a comprehensive toolbox for creating data pipelines that connect a wide range of data storehouses and cloud-based applications. As a standard, they offer on-premises and cloud-based analytics technologies, as well as integration platforms and streaming analytics to handle data as it arrives.

Thorough IT audit

Every business is different, but all are surrounded by massive amounts of data. We know that big data services and solutions deliver the best results when they are tailored to a company's unique needs. Before implementing a data management solution, we take the time to thoroughly analyze and understand our clients’ business model. Only by looking at things from both our and our client’s perspectives, we can see the project from a 360° perspective and develop the right analytics for big data to achieve the desired business goals.

Success-oriented partnership

One of the biggest benefits of having Codete as your data science consultant is that we can help you optimize your business model and become a pioneer in digital transformation. With our battle-tested solutions for identifying data benefits and designing and analyzing pipelines, our data scientists can explore your core data and create tools that meet your expectations. Our teams handle the design and implementation of data monitoring tools and databases, as well as solving challenges related to data storage, indexing, linking, and querying big data when necessary.

Our big data consulting services focus on creating customized data-based solutions to support real-time gathering of data meaningful for our clients goals. Whether you’re aiming at restructuring your old dataset, creating a data management plan, or updating your ML models – we are ready to help you. Let our data experts take care of your database update and organization, so you can focus solely on your growth.

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Our data science consulting can help you in:

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Data utility identification
No analytics for big data can be 100% successful without a good understanding of the data sources, the information itself, and why it is important to the company’s business operations. Once the problem is clearly defined and an appropriate approach is taken, we can clean the data – finding duplicate records, cleaning up incorrect values, and correcting missing values and outliers.
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We partnered with Deloitte on their spin-off project for an automotive industry leader, BMW. Our Research & Development team worked closely with both companies, sharing our expertise in data analytics, data processing, and data architecture.

The project aimed to track brand new BMW vehicles as they travel from factories to dealerships and monitor their condition to ensure their safe and timely arrival. We needed to design an effective solution for monitoring BMW vehicles around the world so that the company could respond quickly to suspicious events. We also had to find a way to analyze the delivery processes for each car model and series.

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Technologies in use

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