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Agile Metrics We Love (and Hope You Will Too)

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06/07/2023 |

16 min read

Szymon V. Gołębiewski,

Maria Skrzypek

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Since the beginning of time, the rational mind and the emotional heart have greatly influenced people's behavior. Because they propose diametrically opposite methods of resolving the same issue, we are frequently obliged to choose a side. But what if the heart and the brain can work together to find a solution? Let's see how this could work with agile metrics.

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Have you ever heard of liberating structures? If not, I’d like to introduce you to Ecocycle Planning and 1-2-4-All, two great tools for facilitating meetings that engage and activate all your group members. And if you have, I invite you to skim through this article and ensure your knowledge is up to date - to constantly improve your skills.

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codete six thinking hats what are they and how to use them main bdf32fbf0f

We have all heard that we should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before we judge them, but did you know that it may prove useful to wear different hats before you make an important decision? Six Thinking Hats, to be exact. Find out what the technique is all about, how it can help your team in better decision making, and how to make the best of it in practice.

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codete reasons why you should start using iterative design main c27cac979c

How do you capture the attention of consumers who are bombarded with new offers every day? What is the fool-proof way to design a new product? One of the most effective approaches is iterative design. Read this article to learn what iterative design is all about, what stages it consists of, and why you should start using it in any product development endeavor.

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