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the:protocol x Codete: Fighting an Unknown Rival, or How to Overcome Recession Anxiety

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19/12/2023 |

2 min read

Codete Team

In the dynamic world of IT, soft skills are no longer just a plus—they're non-negotiable. Join us in a deep dive into the latest episode of the:protocol podcast, where Michał Krzysztof, Sales Director at Codete, shared his insights on facing the unknown and thriving during a major organizational shift.

Let's look into Michał's unique perspectives to learn more about Codete's dedication to embracing change.

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>> Listen to the episode [POLISH ONLY]: Spotify, or Apple Podcasts <<

the:protocol x Codete: How Not to Be Afraid of a Recession? Episode Highlights

Discover how Michal's sales team at Codete transformed challenges into opportunities during a major company shift. From practical tips on embracing change to forming expectations and the importance of falling fast, this episode is a goldmine for tech enthusiasts and aspiring leaders.

Key takeaways:

  • Flexibility Unleashed: Michal shares real-world tales on how flexibility isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a vital skill in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Operational Shape-Shifting: Explore the competencies that naturally arise when your company undergoes a change in the operating model. What skills can you harness?
  • Surviving the Shuffle: Insider strategies on supporting yourself and your team during internal reorganization. 
  • Expectations Demystified: Get ready for some real talk on forming realistic expectations and why, in the fast-paced IT world, falling fast isn't a setback but a strategy.

About the Guest

Michal Krzysztof brings over a decade of expertise to the table as the Sales Director at Codete. Currently leading the restructuring of Exadel Europe's sales department, he provides a firsthand account of crafting commercial communications, selling cutting-edge solutions, and thriving in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Use the following links to listen to the full conversation with Michał on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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