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What Is CloudOps and Why It’s Good for Your Business

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22/11/2023 |

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Dominika Reszke,

Dariusz Tarasek

Migrating to the cloud means going more innovative, but achieving continuous operations in clouds – and that’s what CloudOps is all about – means going one step further. Actually, that may be a giant leap for the company – provided everything goes smoothly.

Cloud-based applications and cloud-based services are becoming commonplace, and cloud-based systems are the lifeblood of modern organizations and the driver of positive change. However, the cloud must be used to the fullest and utilizing only some cloud computing tools is not enough these days.

Cloud environment per se is not enough for businesses to thrive and survive. A thorough, multi-faceted attitude and optimizing organizations’ cloud operations can save the day. And this approach is CloudOps.

Table of contents:

  1. Cloud Operations in brief 
  2. CloudOps optimization – benefits for business 
  3. How to implement CloudOps? 
  4. Cloud Operations – key takeaways

Cloud Operations in brief

CloudOps (or Cloud Operations) is simply a set of processes and practices for designing, deploying, fine-tuning, managing, and optimizing cloud services. It’s proper for workloads in all cloud environments, like public cloud and hybrid cloud.

In the case of CloudOps, automating software delivery is at the very center. Proper resource allocation, as well as application, server, and configuration management, are just some of the tasks CloudOps teams handle daily.

CloudOps vs. DevOps

CloudOps can also be seen as DevOps taken to the cloud. CloudOps uses certain DevOps methodologies and principles – specifically Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines – to enhance business processes and increase availability in a public cloud.

To make a long story short, existing DevOps strategies – that support process improvement – can be smoothly supplemented by a Cloud Operations approach (that is to improve technology and service delivery).

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CloudOps can be seen as CloudOps can also be seen as "DevOps taken to the cloud."

CloudOps best practices

There are some best practices that CloudOps codifies that can help implement this model successfully. These practices cover putting security first, including all stakeholders in the process, and planning deployment well ahead, with all the resources and cloud budgets closely monitored.

Cloud Operations optimization – benefits for business

There are many benefits of CloudOps and cloud computing, company-wise. In brief, an organization can become more agile when applying DevOps practices. And using CloudOps tools in business can enhance it in the following ways:

  • accelerating automation and improving ongoing processes,
  • optimizing resource use and operational costs,
  • speeding up security issue incident response,
  • accelerating software delivery and deployment cycle,
  • improving product delivery,
  • enhancing cloud security,
  • providing great scalability potential,
  • improving business processes,
  • enabling smooth application management.

If you want to make product delivery more cost-effective, shorten development cycles, and optimize performance, you should consider using CloudOps. The bottom line is not only operational improvement but also great customer experience.

How to implement CloudOps?

Switching from obsolete legacy systems to innovative ones is not that easy, though. To apply CloudOps properly, experienced advisers are needed to guide the client throughout the process. They should be full-fledged engineers with a strong background in cloud platforms and profound expertise in step-by-step CloudOps implementation.

They need to know all the ins and outs of cloud architecture, cloud migration strategy, Agile work environment, cloud platforms, cloud vendors, continuous operations, software development, cloud computing and underlying infrastructure.

Many steps need to be made when implementing CloudOps. They cover everything from enumerating and evaluating available cloud options, planning cloud architecture, and executing cloud migration to the new cloud environment, to maintaining and monitoring cloud resources and making adjustments when needed.

Codete's Cloud Operations services

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to guide you step by step through the meanders of the CloudOps implementation, Codete is one. Codete knows that the future lies in the cloud and keeps track of the most current cloud adoption trends. We offer superb cloud consulting services provided by top cloud computing and DevOps experts, cloud optimization, and CloudOps & DevOps support for digital transformation.

Codete’s CloudOps extensive package includes:

  • a full range of cloud services, including cloud migration and cloud optimization,
  • comprehensive cloud consulting,
  • cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions,
  • assistance in choosing the right cloud operating model,
  • helping select the most appropriate PaaS and public cloud providers,
  • moving workloads (applications, data, and other resources) to the cloud or switching between clouds,
  • optimizing cloud storage,
  • performance tracking, including on-call monitoring provided up to 24/7.
  • swift issue detection and immediate support when needed.

Codete’s assistance covers the entire cloud optimization process – from the auditing and consulting phase through cloud migration and server management to maintenance and support. Codete’s first-class solutions and top-notch consultants let clients gain the competitive edge they need to flourish.

Companies that transform their existing cloud environment into a modern platform with Codete gain increased agility, scalability, elasticity, and reliability, as well as enhanced time-to-market. Responsiveness and performance increase, too, and all appropriate safety measures against cyber threats and data leaks are taken.

In brief, with Codete’s help, organizations can use cloud technology and cloud resources to the fullest. Cloud services by Codete are comprehensive and customized – and, very often, the bottom line is taking the clients’ businesses to the next level by helping them reach their business goals faster.

They can spread their wings thanks to optimizing their operations, improving reliability, and cutting costs. All the benefits of CloudOps for business – including improved system reliability, continuous availability, and reduced downtime – are at your feet.

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If you’re looking for a reliable CloudOps partner, don't hesitate to contact Codete >>

Switching to the cloud with Codete is fast, smooth, and secure, with all possible risks eliminated. The effects are tangible and mind-blowing also money-wise. Migrating legacy applications to the cloud brings Codete’s customers a 31% reduction in IT expenses.

Cloud Operations – key takeaways

Moving your workloads to the cloud is an important step on the way to making your company more innovative, agile, and flexible, and your software – always available and responsive. With CloudOps on board, a company becomes more susceptible to changing user loads, market fluctuations, and possible disruptions. And end users feel confident when using an application or software and enjoy it more.

CloudOps – the DevOps extension – can offer a wide range of benefits, provided it is taken care of by a top-notch CloudOps team. Some of these advantages are accelerated automation, shortened time-to-market, improved scalability and flexibility, cost-effectiveness and significant IT savings, and mitigating security risks.

To truly accelerate digital transformation with CloudOps, switching to the cloud must be well-prepared, seamlessly executed, and genuinely custom-made. And that’s what Codete’s experienced cloud consultants and engineers can help you with.

Interested in first-class cloud optimization provided by top engineers? Want to make this process well-prepared, smooth, and cost-efficient? If you are ready to make a bold move toward a more innovative and flexible company, contact Codete now.

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Dariusz Tarasek 76db05d037

Dariusz Tarasek

CloudOps Delivery Manager at Codete, leverages his extensive background as a Senior Project Manager in software product development with a proven track record in agile projects with global reach. He specializes in mobile applications for modern industries and startups. Dariusz uses his passion for problem-solving and commitment to adding value to CloudOps projects and providing the most effective solutions.

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